Three eighth-graders at Montgomery County's Banneker Middle School have been arrested and recommended for expulsion after bringing two loaded guns to a school dance.

According to a school spokesman, the students, all 14, went to Banneker's annual dinner-dance for graduating eighth-graders on Friday night, even though they did not have tickets.

They stood outside a cafeteria window and asked students inside to hand them food. When a student shut the window, one of the three broke it with his fist, the spokesman said. School officials summoned police.

The students left, but returned later, and a teacher noticed what appeared to be guns in the pockets of two of the students. A .45-caliber handgun was found in the possession of one boy, police said. At first, police could not find the second gun, and they searched all 200 students at the dance with metal detectors. Eventually, police found a 9mm handgun in the cafeteria.

Two of the students were charged with possession of handguns, and all three were charged with destroying property. They were released in the custody of their parents. Banneker Principal Donald H. Kress suspended the students and has recommended their expulsion to Superintendent Harry Pitt.