So satisfied was Mikhail Gorbachev with his police protection here that members of the Soviet president's security detail approached D.C. Police Chief Isaac Fulwood Jr. and said they wanted the same officers to protect Gorbachev when he traveled to Minnesota and California.

"I told them, 'We're the police in D.C., so our people can't go out to California and Minnesota,' " Fulwood recalled yesterday, laughing. "We told them that it just couldn't happen."

Fulwood was invited to the Soviet Embassy Sunday to meet Gorbachev and his wife, Raisa. "They were very friendly," he said. "Gorbachev said we were very professional, and he was very happy with the way things had gone. It went without a hitch. He was able to stop, and no incidents occurred."

The burly District police chief described the Soviet leader as "animated" and "not a large man."

He said their brief encounter was "friendly and exciting." Fulwood said he told Gorbachev that he "hoped his visit here would make the world a better place."

Gorbachev also made points with the U.S. Park Police by complimenting their uniforms. "They are thinking of changing the police officers' uniform in Moscow," Gorbachev said through an interpreter to Park Police Officer John Bussard, one of about two dozen officers Gorbachev shook hands with at the Rainbow Pool before taking off in a Marine helicopter, said Bussard's supervisor, Sgt. Paul Johnson.

Fulwood said that as a souvenir he asked Soviet officials for the American and Soviet flags that flew on top of Gorbachev's black Zil limousine while he was here.

But he said he's pessimistic about getting them.

"I haven't got them so far so I probably won't," said the police chief, looking a little disappointed. "But I would love those flags."