Town of Haymarket

The following were among actions taken at the June 4 meeting of the Haymarket Town Council. For more information call 754-4816.

BUDGET -- The Town Council proposed a $166,500 budget for fiscal 1991 -- an increase of 45 percent over current spending of $114,370. The proposed budget includes a new tax on businesses in town.

Retail businesses would be taxed 10 cents per $100 of gross receipts, and wholesale businesses, such as used-car dealers, would be taxed on 5 percent of their gross receipts at a rate of 5 cents per $100.

The proposed business taxes would be the first new taxes or tax increases approved by the town in more than a decade. All businesses, both retail and wholesale, currently pay the town an annual business license fee of $25, which raised approximately $2,000 in the current fiscal year. Businesses also pay personal property taxes to Prince William County.

The new business taxes would raise approximately $29,200 a year and increase the businesses' contribution to the town's budget from about 2 percent to about 18 percent.

The budget increase would help pay for $15,000 in proposed improvements to the town's sidewalks and approximately $39,000 to fund two new positions at Town Hall: a second police officer and a part-time town manager.

The proposed budget would maintain the town's current real estate tax rate of 14 cents per $100 of assessed value and the personal property tax rate of 60 cents per $100 of assessed value. Those taxes are paid only by residents, who also pay county real estate and personal property taxes.

There will be a public hearing on the proposed budget at 7 p.m. June 14 at Town Hall on Washington Street. The council is scheduled to vote on the proposal by June 18, and the new budget would go into effect July 1.

BOARD OF ZONING APPEALS -- The council recommended that a Prince William County Circuit Court judge appoint Haymarket resident Dawn C. Whitlow to the town's five-member Board of Zoning Appeals.

The board considers appeals of council decisions on requests for variances to zoning regulations.

If the appointment is approved, Whitlow would replace John Pearson, whose term expired in January, 1990. Pearson was not considered for reappointment because he does not live in Haymarket, although he has a business there. Residency is a requirement of state law, except in the case of joint city-county boards.

City of Manassas

The following were among actions taken at the May 29 meeting of the Manassas City Council. For more information, call 335-8211.

PAY RAISES -- The City Council approved a 13 percent salary increase for 79 city employees whose salaries were found to be at least 10 percent lower than those in surrounding jurisdictions. The increases will go into effect July 1.

All other city employees are scheduled for an 8 percent salary increase July 1. The increases are included in the city's $54.2 million budget for fiscal 1991, which the council approved in early May.

The 13 percent increase will go to most members of the city's 62-person police department, raising the beginning salary for a Manassas police officer from $23,067 to $26,065. In comparison, the beginning salary for a Prince William County police officer is $26,158.

In addition, several employees in public works and social services, an executive secretary, an auto mechanic, a chemist and a civil engineer will receive the 13 percent increase.

ZONING VARIANCE REQUESTS -- The council approved the following requests:

BERNARD CT., 10307 -- By John L. Jr. and Karen F. Gambarani for a special-use permit to operate a business out of a home. 6 to 0.

LIBERIA AVE., 9650 -- By John F. McMahon Jr. for a special-use permit to operate a day-care facility in a commercial zone. 6 to 0.

LONGSTREET DR.,9011 -- By Ronald S. Knowles for a special-use permit to operate a picture framing, wood carving and craft business out of a home. 6 to 0.