A television program aimed at Arlington's gay community is scheduled to debut on the county's public access cable channel in October.

The program, which will air on Channel 33, will be the second in the Washington area with programming geared to gay viewers. The first such program, Gay Fairfax, began showing on the public access cable channel in Fairfax County on May 7. Like the show in Fairfax, the Arlington program, which will be called "Significant Others," will have a news magazine format.

The monthly program will include an hour of news and interviews with prominent people in the Washington area gay community, as well as entertainment segments, said Russell Snider, an Arlington-based video producer and creator of the program.

"We'll send crews out to cover national Gay Pride Day, or to the Hill to cover pending legislation that will affect the rights of gay people," Snider said.

An occasional segment called "Bigotry Watch" will focus on individuals and political organizations that have taken stands against gay interests, Snider said.

Snider, who said he will finance much of the production himself in the initial stage, said he has received offers of financial support and volunteer labor.

About 43,000 viewers subscribe to Cable TV Arlington, which has been on the air for six years, according to Vivian Schaefer, executive director for the station.

Anyone who has completed an in-house training program can produce a television program for Channel 33, Schaefer said. "We have a right and obligation to provide the means for any group in the community to produce the kinds of programming that they want to see," she said.