I am writing in reference to Donald Watson, the yearbook adviser at Bowie High School, and the incident involving the senior captions in the 1990 Bulldog, some of which are vulgar.

I have worked with Mr. Watson on the yearbook staff for the past two years and can honestly say Mr. Watson puts so much care and effort in the production of what he calls "our book of memories" that it is really inconceivable that this has happened. The captions are usually checked over by the senior editors and their staff, then by Mr. Watson. Because we had an early deadline this year, the reading of the captions was rushed, and unfortunately two vulgar ones escaped notice. The responsibility for this lies on the entire staff, not just Mr. Watson. He has been an excellent English and speech teacher. To many of us, he is more than a teacher; he is a confidante and friend.

I do not wish to make excuses for what happened, or lay the blame on anybody. I simply wish to bring to your attention the unfairness to Bowie High School, its students and Mr. Watson that dismissing this fine teacher would cause.