Dan Beyers's May 17 article on the announcement of Guy Harriman's Senate candidacy included a quotation from Howard County Democrat Central Committee member David Marker, expressing a philosophy that I believe reflects a disturbing trend of thinking among members of the Democratic Party:

"Because they are the minority party, 'Republicans in Annapolis can't get anything accomplished, no matter how well intentioned they are,' Marker said."

A debate on the subject of what makes an effective legislator is incidental to the underlying message. Flying in the face of a sweeping tide of democracy in Eastern Europe and Central America, Howard County Democrats are essentially saying, "The two-party system is a nuisance -- think of how easy it would be to operate if we could just wipe out these annoying Republicans entirely."

I would submit that a one-party system doesn't work any better in Howard County or the state of Maryland than it did in Poland or Czechoslovakia; that democracy ceases to exist without competition; that democracy wasn't designed to be neat and tidy and that if it appears to be, something is being swept under the rug.


Chairman, Howard County Republican Central Committee Ellicott City