The University of Virginia's governing board, responding to tensions on campus, has passed a resolution condemning "acts of discrimination, hatred, bigotry and intolerance" among students or others at the university.

The resolution was suggested by a special committee on intergroup relations appointed in March by the university's rector, Edward E. Elson, and headed by Freddie Nicholas, one of Gov. L. Douglas Wilder's recent appointments to the university's Board of Visitors and its only black member.

Elson appointed the committee after racial and anti-gay graffiti were painted in prominent places on or near the campus. In April, three student government officers called for the resignation of their president, Lee Barnes, the first black to be elected to that position in a campus-wide vote. The officers later withdrew their demand and apologized.

U-Va. officials say they hope that racial tensions can be eased in several ways. Nicholas said the committee on intergroup relations, which has held a forum for student comment, will "continue to provide some kind of structure . . . an opportunity for students to ventilate their feelings."

This summer, the issue of multiculturalism at the university will be a substantial part of an eight-week workshop for about 20 student leaders, said Vice President for Student Affairs Ernest Ern, who runs the program.