The following was among actions taken at Tuesday's meeting of the Montgomery County Council. For more information, call 217-7900.

INCINERATOR -- Following a discussion about potential health risks associated with county plans to operate a trash incinerator in Dickerson, the council approved an agreement setting emission limits for the facility.

The agreement between the county and Pepco, which operates a generating facility near the site of the county's proposed $250 million trash-to-energy incinerator, states that the county will hold down incinerator emissions in order to allow Pepco to expand, keeping the area in which both would be located within acceptable emmissions standards.

Stewart McKenzie, the council's environmental analyst, told the council that the health risk from the incinerator would be well within generally accepted levels.

However, statistics provided by county officials and a company that operates similar incinerator facilities left some council members frustrated and confused with talk of "nanograms per cubic meter" and "pounds per hour of maximum emissions."

Council member Michael L. Subin abstained from the vote after saying, "I can't vote for or against this because I don't know what I'm voting for or against."

Council members Rose Crenca,Bruce Adams, Neal Potter and Michael L. Gudis, voted for the agreement, while council President William E. Hanna Jr. and member Isiah Leggett voted against it.