City of Falls Church

The following was among actions taken at the June 11 meeting of the Falls Church City Council. For more information, call 241-5004.

PARKING FINES INCREASED -- The City Council increased penalties for handicapped parking violations by 1,000 percent, from $10 to $100, and more than doubled many other parking fines. The increases will bring city fines more in line with parking fines of neighboring jurisdictions, particularly Arlington County.

The new fines will take effect July 1. The city last revised the penalties about 10 years ago.

The council increased fines for most violations, which now range from $10 to $25, to $20 to $100. The only fine that will not change is a $20 fine for failing to display a valid city license sticker.

Last year, parking tickets issued by the city police department generated about $6,315 in revenue for the city. City officials now estimate that annual revenue from parking fines will nearly double.

The following parking fines will be increased to $35:

Stopping or obstructing traffic or parking on a highway (currently $25);

Failing to display valid license plates (currently $20);

Parking in a fire lane, double parking or leaving a motor running unattended (currently $15);

Violating a public parking sign, parking on a sidewalk or in a bus zone, parking for more than 48 hours in the same place on a public street or parking on the wrong side of a street (currently $10).

The following fines have been raised to $25:

Parking within 20 feet of a street corner or within 15 feet of a fire hydrant (currently $15);

Parking in a loading zone, alley or in front of a driveway (currently $10).

The council also set parking fines for violations not previously specified in the city traffic code, including: $50 for parking in a permit-only area without a permit; $35 for parking in a taxicab stand, failing to set an emergency brake, failing to display a valid state inspection sticker, or parking a boat, boat trailer or commercial vehicle on public land, including streets, in a residential area; and $25 for snow emergency route violations.