Women's underwear and shoes and a telephone answering machine were among the items confiscated by Arlington County police Sunday in the home of Chander Matta, according to a document released yesterday.

Matta, 21, is charged with slaying one prostitute and suspected of killing two others on Memorial Day weekend.

A search warrant unsealed by Arlington Circuit Court yesterday showed that police recovered several items similar to those they had told a judge they were seeking when they were granted a warrant to search Matta's South Arlington house and vehicles.

Among other things, investigators said, they were looking for a Panasonic telephone answering machine model KXT 2427, a black umbrella, shoes and house keys.

Items recovered included an answering machine of the same model, four black umbrellas, two keys and a pair of women's shoes.

Other items confiscated by police during their search include hair and fiber samples, fabric samples, sweepings from a vacuum cleaner, lint from the clothes dryer, bed linen and white gauze. Police also removed bags with sales receipts and a diary and telephone book.

Investigators say they believe that two of the victims were killed in the basement of the house and that the third was killed in her South Arlington apartment.

Matta has been charged in the murder of 26-year-old Sherry K. Larman, whose body was found at a South Highland Street parking garage May 26.

Prosecutors in Arlington say that they will ask a grand jury to indict Matta in the slaying of two other prostitutes.

The body of Sandra Johnson, 20, was found a day later in her apartment on South Glebe Road, and the body of Jodie Marie Phillips, 16, was found May 30 near a West Alexandria office building.

All three women were killed by asphyxiation, according to police.

A plastic bag was found at each of the sites where the bodies were found.

A credit card receipt inside the plastic bag found bunched around Phillips's neck led police to Matta, according to investigators.

Matta, who was employed as a printer at the Pentagon and as a ticket agent for USAir, had been having financial problems, investigators said.

Police sources have said they are looking into whether Matta may have been involved in the death of a fourth prostitute, Carolen Marie Wallace, 22, of Forestville, whose body was found Feb. 14 in a storm sewer along Interstate 95 near Telegraph Road.

She had been shot once in the head.

Four other area prostitutes have been killed since April 1989, but police in the District say they do not believe that Matta was involved in those killings.

Matta is being held in the Arlington County jail.

A bond hearing is scheduled for today, but Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney Arthur Karp said yesterday that "we will seek to have Mr. Matta held without bond, as he is currently being held."