Prince William County

The following were among actions taken at the June 6 meeting of the Prince William County School Board. For more information, call 791-8720.

SALARY HIKE FOR SUPERINTENDENT -- The School Board unanimously agreed to raise Superintendent of Schools Edward L. Kelly's salary $3,000 next fiscal year, bringing his annual salary to $97,000, beginning July 1.

Kelly requested that his raise be limited to $3,000, after the board in May decided to limit raises for all other top administrators in the school system to $3,000 as a budget-cutting measure.

Kelly opposed the $3,000 raise limit for administrators, proposing instead a 6 percent salary increase, which all teachers and lower level administrators will receive beginning July 1. Under his proposal, a top administrator making $60,000 would have received a $3,600 raise.

The plan adopted by the board is expected to save the schools about $35,000, which will be used for maintenance projects.

SCHOOL LUNCH PRICES -- The director of food services proposed a 10-cent increase in school lunches, beginning in September, to help offset the increasing cost of cafeteria operations and a decrease in federal subsidies.

The board is scheduled to vote on the proposal at its June 19 meeting.

The increase would bring the price of a school lunch to $1.15 for elementary students, $1.20 for middle and high school students and $1.60 for adults. The 10-cent increase is expected to raise an additional $350,000 annually.

According to Food Service Director Serena Suthers, the additional revenue is needed to help pay for the increasing costs of labor and food. In addition, the cafeterias are expected to receive lower amounts of surplus food commodities, such as butter and non-fat dry milk, from the U.S. Department of Agriculture in the next school year. The commodities received by Prince William Schools is expected to drop from about $140,000 worth in the school year now ending to $45,000 next year.