The article "Two Representatives Cast Unusual Votes on Clean Air Bill," {Metro, May 26} is critical of Rep. Tom McMillen's (D-Md.) clean air vote in the House of Representatives. That clean air bill is the strongest environmental bill ever to pass in Congress. Rep. McMillen's constituents can be assured that his vote will further clean air progress.

Rep. McMillen voted against extreme amendments that will add enormous costs to the bill, but do little to improve air quality. Clean air legislation will be expensive -- the Senate bill is estimated to cost $50 billion annually -- so it is imperative that Congress focus on those provisions that will provide the needed air quality improvements.

A study by two Carnegie-Mellon University professors showed that the president's clean air bill will adversely affect 48,030 Maryland jobs and the more extreme Senate bill will adversely affect 67,197 Maryland jobs. The House bill supported by Rep. McMillen will fall somewhere in between.

Rep. McMillen should be commended for taking a strong stand and casting a thoughtful vote. WILLIAM D. FAY Clean Air Working Group Washington

I was shocked and dismayed to read that Rep. Tom McMillen (D-Md.) voted against the Clean Air Bill. How could a representative from the Chesapeake Bay area go against the wishes of the majority, who want the environment cleaned up?

If Rep. McMillen has his primary interests in Michigan, let's have a fund-raiser after the next election to send Rep. McMillen to Detroit -- by bus! We voters must replace politicians who vote against legislation that the public deems necessary.