BEDFORD, VA., JUNE 14 -- Elizabeth Haysom, testifying today in the murder trial of her former boyfriend, Jens Soering, said he boasted that murdering her parents was the "greatest thing" he ever did but thought no one would learn about it.

"Jens said that it was the greatest thing he had ever done," she said. "It was a selfless act, and that he had done it out of love for me."

Soering told her "the only drawback was that it was this wonderful act that he had done, but nobody would ever know about it," Haysom said. Taking the witness stand for the second day in the trial of Soering, who is charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the 1985 slayings of Derek and Nancy Haysom, Elizabeth Haysom also said she was stunned by her first visit to the couple's bloodstained home in Bedford County after the killings.

"I was shocked . . . . I had no idea it was quite so horrible," said Haysom, the prosecution's star witness.

Haysom admitted her role in the killings in 1987, pleading guilty to being an accessory in the crimes, and is serving a 90-year prison sentence. Soering, the son of a West German diplomat, maintains that the killings were carried out by Haysom.

Haysom also testified to the Bedford County Circuit Court jury today that later in 1985, Soering discussed killing others, including Ricky Gardner, an investigator with the Bedford County Sheriff's Department.

She said she diverted him by concocting a story that she had a brain tumor.

On Wednesday, Haysom said that she and Soering, who were honor students at the University of Virginia, schemed to kill her disapproving parents to be free of them. Soering carried out the plot, she said.

The defense is expected to try to show that Soering stayed in Washington while Haysom committed the killings.