The owner of three boardwalk stores and five store clerks have been charged with selling sexually explicit T-shirts to minors in Ocean City, Md.

If convicted on the misdemeanor charge, the four men and two women could be sentenced to six months in jail and fined $1,000, said Jay Hancock, Ocean City police spokesman.

Acting on complaints to police and the mayor's office, police visited 12 boardwalk stores Thursday night and found six that carried clothing with sexually explicit material, police said. A minor working with police bought a sexually explicit shirt from six of the stores, police said.

Police returned Friday, made the arrests and confiscated the T-shirts, which were selling for about $30 each.

"Crude. Not suitable for broadcast," Hancock said in describing the shirts.

Hancock said many of the confiscated shirts showed a scantily dressed or nude woman with a comment attributed to a leering rat underneath.

"Last year they came and told us the dirty T-shirts would have to be put in the back," said a store clerk, who was not arrested and asked not to be identified. "So that's what we did. We hid it. I tell you its ridiculous to ask for an ID on T-shirts."