Brian Moore, who ran an unsuccessful independent candidacy for D.C. mayor in 1986, announced yesterday he will try again this year, saying he is "disgusted and outraged" that the leading contenders are current or former public officials who failed to stem corruption and mismanagement under the administration of Mayor Marion Barry.

Moore called on the five leading Democratic candidates and Republican hopeful Maurice T. Turner Jr. to pull out of the race, saying they "are collectively culpable" for failing to clean up city government and "just as much a part of the problem" as Barry, who has announced he will not run again in the face of federal drug charges.

Moore, 47, made his announcement at a news conference at St. Vincent de Paul Church Hall in Southeast. He said his political platform emphasizes economic development, eliminating corruption and providing basic services. He would stress public housing over housing programs that help only a few people, such as some loan programs criticized for helping friends of the mayor.

The drug war should emphasize education and recreation programs that provide alternatives to drug use, he said, "rather than throwing money down a rat hole by reacting to the problem."

Moore, a former advisory neighborhood commissioner in Southwest, drew only 3,415 votes in 1986, 3 percent of the turnout; he also ran unsuccessfully for an at-large seat on the D.C. Council in 1984. Moore said city residents "weren't ready for my message four years ago. It's different now."

Moore works part time as a physician recruiter for the George Washington University Health Plan. He also is an independent distributor for a manufacturer of air and water filter products.