Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1C's Single Member District (SMD) 10 will meet Tuesday at 7 p.m. at the Third District police station, 1620 V St. NW, to discuss an Alcohol Beverage Control liquor license renewal request by Julio's, 1604 U St. NW, and also a proposed, more restrictive liquor license policy that the ANC has tentatively approved. Under the policy, the ANC would ask the ABC board to limit both the number of licensed restaurants in the Adams-Morgan neighborhood, allowing them only in commercial sections. It also would recommend that the ABC board limit the size of restaurants granteded liquor licenses. 1D SHERIDAN-KALORAMA

ANC 1D held a mayoral candidates forum on June 12 with former Pepco executive Sharon Pratt Dixon, D.C. Council Chairman David A. Clarke, council member Charlene Drew Jarvis (D-Ward 4) and Libertarian Party candidate Nancy Lord. Vincent Orange, a former D.C. government worker who is running for council chairman, also participated. 1E MOUNT PLEASANT

ANC 1E will hold a D.C. Council candidates forum at 7 p.m. June 28 at Sacred Heart Church, 16th Street and Park Road NW. For more information, contact the ANC office at 462-3595. 2B DUPONT CIRCLE

At a meeting June 20, ANC 2B voted not to support a D.C. Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA) application for a residential and commercial building at the southwest corner of 18th and R streets NW. Commissioners said the design of the proposed building would conflict with the historic character of the neighborhood.

The ANC will meet again at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at St. Thomas Parish, 1772 Church St. NW, to do the following:Hear Council member Betty Ann Kane (I-At Large) discuss her candidacy for the office of D.C. delegate.Discuss a BZA application by Joseph Reyas to allow offices at 1631 and 1633 16th St. NW.Review a proposal for a planned unit development by N Street Follies Limited Partnership for 1743-1755 N St. NW that is not in keeping with zoning restrictions. NW.Discuss a BZA application by the Lauren Condominium, on behalf of Mokhless Al-Hariri, for a special exception to allow an architecture and interior design studio in three units on the first floor of 1301 20th St. NW. 2C NEAR NW-SHAW-DOWNTOWN

ANC 2C's committee on housing, economic development and environmental affairs will meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday in the second floor board room at 1133 North Capitol St. NE to discuss the following BZA applications by:Louis L. and M.F. Glickfield for an addition to a furniture store at 637 I St. NW.Mount Clare Properties to provide less than the required number of parking spaces for commercial buildings at 600-700 Second St. NE.Raymond C. Brophy for an office building at 1250 14th St. NW.Oliver Carr Co. to allow a proposed mixed-use building on a lot bounded by Sixth, Seventh, E and F streets NW. The developer also is seeking approvals from the D.C. Historic Preservation Review Board for the partial demolition and the construction of additions to a building at 511-517 Seventh St. NW.New Jersey and H Limited Partnership for an exception from zoning restrictions in order to build a mixed-use complex at the northeast corner of New Jersey Avenue and H Street NW. 3B GLOVER PK.-BURLEITH-FOXHALL VILLAGE

The ANC will hold an emergency meeting at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday to discuss Georgetown University's 20-year plan for campus development. Call the ANC office at 338-2969 for the meeting location.

The city's colleges and universities are required by District law to periodically file a master plan outlining proposed construction and renovation plans. The university's plans include building a 500-bed dormitory and remodeling two others, installing an electricity generator and building an elevated roadway over Canal Road NW for both eastbound and westbound access to the university. Currently, only westbound traffic can enter the campus from Canal Road. In addition, the university proposes to close its Prospect Street NW entrance and two of five entrances on Reservoir Road NW. The ANC has hired a private traffic consultant to analyze the impact of the plan on the neighborhood.

At its June 13 meeting, the ANC did the following:Discussed the new energy-saving, high-sodium "crime lights" the District government is installing throughout the city, replacing teardrop-shaped, incandescent lamps. Some commissioners said the new lights are brighter and too glaring. Commissioners agreed to ask the Department of Public Works to examine the possibility of using softer light, low-sodium bulbs. These light bulbs reportedly save the same amount of energy but give off less glare. Updated the community on the progress of the Ward 3 section of the city's Comprehensive Plan for development. The Ward 3 plan is before the D.C. Council, but has yet to be adopted. The ANC is hosting a meeting to discuss proposed amendments to the master plan at 6 p.m. July 9 at the 2nd District Police headquarters, 3320 Idaho Ave. NW. All ANC commissioners and citizens groups in Ward 3 are invited.Discussed the status of a lot that once was an excavated hole at Wisconsin Avenue and Hall Place NW and is being converted into a parking lot. Although the hole was filled last summer, the lot is not complete and the sidewalk has yet to be installed. The ANC agreed to write a letter to the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs asking that it require the developer to install the sidewalk before the parking lot opens. 3C CLEVELAND PARK-WOODLEY PARK

ANC 3C will meet at 8 p.m. Monday at the 2nd District Police Headquarters, Idaho Avenue and Newark Street NW to do the following:Discuss a proposal to build four additional houses in a wooded area near Rock Creek Park and Porter Street NW. One house is already under construction. The development, called Pinecrest, is within a historic district. Discuss the new energy-saving, high-sodium "crime lights" the District government is installing throughout the city, replacing teardrop-shapped, incandescent lamps. Some residents have complained that the new lights are too bright and glaring.Discuss ongoing renovation plans for the Taft and Duke Ellington bridges, which include removal of the bridges' anti-suicide fences. After the plans were in place, supporters of the fences successfully lobbied to include a requirement within the 1990 federal appropriation or budget for the District that the city hold a public hearing before the fences can be removed. Such a hearing has not been scheduled.

For more information, call the ANC office at 232-2232. 3E AMERICAN UNIV. PARK-FRIENDSHIP HEIGHTS

ANC 3E will meet at 7:30 p.m. Thursday at the Lisner-Louise Home, 5425 Western Ave. NW, to do the following: Consider a proposal by the Lisner-Louise nursing home to build a 60-bed addition. Commissioners will take a walking tour of the site. Consider a proposal by the D.C. Department of Public Works to install a traffic light at 50th Street and Massachusetts Avenue NW.

The ANC will not meet in July and August. For more information, call 244-0800 or ANC 3E Chairman Stephen J. Raiche 363-2414, evenings. 3F NORTH CLEVELAND PARK-FOREST HILLS

ANC 3F will meet at 7:30 p.m. Monday at the Capital Memorial Seventh-Day Adventist Church, 3150 Chesapeake St. NW, to do the following: Update the community on proposed amendments to the Ward 3 section of the city's Comprehensive Plan for development.Discuss a bill proposed by D.C. Council member William Lightfoot (I-At-Large) that would give city auditors subpoena power.Discuss a proposal to establish community recognition awards.

For more information, call 362-6120. 3G CHEVY CHASE

ANC 3G will meet at 7:30 p.m. Monday at the Chevy Chase Community Center, 5601 Connecticut Ave. NW. For agenda information, call the ANC office at 363-5803.

At its June 11 meeting, the ANC did the following:Voted to support a liquor license renewal for Bread and Chocolate, 5542 Connecticut Avenue NW. Voted to give a $500 grant to Capital Communications for the Deaf, which provides free telephone assistance to the deaf. Voted to send a letter to the Department of Public Works asking that it use less glaring, low-sodium light bulbs instead of the high-sodium "crime lights" the District government is installing throughout the city. The lower sodium light bulbs reportedly save the same amount of energy but give off less glare.Discuss the Ward 3 section of the city's Comprehensive Plan for development. .Announced that the Department of Public Works plans to repave 41st Street NW, between Jenifer and Legation streets NW. The project will take 90 days and will not require traffic detours. The project's starting date is not yet available. 6A CAPITOL HILL-NORTHEAST

The ANC 6A executive committee will meet at 7:30 p.m. today at Capitol Hill Hospital, first-floor board room, 700 Constitution Ave. NE, to discuss a July forum for political candidates, including those running for mayor and the D.C. Council, and equipment purchases for the ANC office. 6B CAPITOL HILL-SOUTHEAST

The ANC will hold its regular meeting at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at the ANC office at 921 Pennsylvania Ave. SE to do the following:Vote on a BZA application by K.P. Corp. to convert a building into a 28-unit apartment house. Vote on a BZA application by James Pisches to operate Jimmy T's restaurant, 501 East Capitol St. SE, until midnight on Sundays.Hear a presentation by S & J Liquor Store, 1500 Massachusetts Ave. SE, for a liquor license renewal. Residents have challenged the renewal, saying the business has brought loitering and public drunkeness to the neighborhood.

ANC 6B's committee on public safety will meet at 7 p.m. Wednesday in the ANC office. 6C ANACOSTIA-FAIRLAWN

At a meeting June 4, ANC 6C discussed a BZA application by the Washington Hallway Home for Women to establish a halfway house for six female ex-convicts at 2425 Naylor Rd. SE. The ANC has voted to not support the request because of concern about the number of community residential facilities already located in the area.

The BZA will hold a hearing on the halfway house request at 9 a.m. Wednesday in Room 9 at the District Building, 1350 Pennsylvannia Ave. NW.

ANC 6C is looking for an office manager. Computer skills are desired. Contact the ANC at 889-6600 for more information. 7A FAR NORTHEAST

ANC 7A will meet at 7:30 p.m. June 28 in the ANC conference room at 650 Anacostia Ave. NE to discuss a liquor license request by Parkside Associates Ltd., 740 Kenilworth Ave. NE. 8A ANACOSTIA

At its June 11 meeting, ANC 8A did the following:Discussed the construction of a residential facility for the mentally retarded at 2441 Elvans Road SE. Voted to give a $200 grant to Savoy Elementary Schol for its academic and attendance awards program.Discussed the inadequate amount of parking spaces on Chicago Street and Shannon Place SE, reportedly caused by out-of-state motorists parking in the area. The ANC agreed to ask local residents if they want restrict the area to residential parking only. Announced that the BZA dismissed an application to build a halfway house for 30 female ex-convicts at 1502 Seaton Road SE.

Announded that Our Lady of Perpetual Help church has withdrawn its proposal to install a radio tower at 1600 Morris Rd. SE. 8D FAR SOUTWEST-SOUTHEAST

ANC 8D will meet at 7 p.m. today at the Wingate House, 4660 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. SE. The ANC has invited a representative of the D.C. Department of Public Works to respond to community concerns about abandoned cars and inadequate street and alley cleaning.

For more information, call 562-0191.