British Actor

Raymond Huntley, 86, a British actor who specialized in comedy roles debunking pompous officialdom in a career on the stage, in movies and on television, died June 15 at a hospital in London. The cause of death was not reported.

Mr. Huntley, who was a tall man with a mustache, portrayed judges, bank managers, church officials, bureaucrats and other figures of authority. One of his best-known roles was that of Sir Geoffrey Dillon, the crusty family lawyer in the British TV series "Upstairs, Downstairs," made from 1970 to 1975.

His role as the bank manager in the 1949 movie "Passport to Pimlico" launched him as a film comedy actor. Other film credits included the 1959 satirical farce "I'm All Right Jack" about Britain's disastrous industrial relations; the 1958 film "Room at the Top"; and 1968's "Hostile Witness."


Fashion Photographer

Barbra Walz, 39, a fashion photographer whose pictures appeared on the cover of such magazines as Gentleman's Quarterly, Metropolitan Home, Parade, Town & Country and Rolling Stone, died of cancer June 18 at her home in New York City.

She photographed her subjects in bathtubs, gymnasiums, dental offices and beauty parlors to capture insight into their personalities.

Her first book, "The Fashion Makers," was published in 1978, when designers were first achieving celebrity status usually reserved for actors or athletes. Her 1987 book, "Starring Mothers," was about famous mothers and their children. Its subjects included Dianne Feinstein, Patti LaBelle and Carly Simon.