Town of Haymarket

The following were among actions taken at the June 18 meeting of the Haymarket Town Council. For more information, call 754-4816.

POLICE PERSONNEL -- The Town Council accepted the resignation of Town Sergeant Amos Damron, effective June 25, and agreed to hire Joseph Gerace, who has been a volunteer reserve police officer with the Quantico Police Department, as the town's only police officer. Gerace was scheduled to start yesterday.

With the departure of Darmon, 41, who cited personal reasons for his resignation, the Haymarket police force will be manned by only one person until the council hires a town sergeant, who is responsible for regular police duties in addition to enforcing the town's zoning ordinances.

Last June, Haymarket approved funds to hire a police officer to assist the town sergeant. An officer was hired in November but left the position in May, following a car accident in which he was injured.

Gerace's annual salary is $19,500.

RURITAN DAY -- The council approved a request by Charles Coe of the Gainesville Ruritans to hold Ruritan Day Sept. 15 in Haymarket, featuring a parade, arts and crafts and entertainment.

ZONING ACTIONS -- The council approved the following requests:

JEFFERSON ST., 6611 -- By Albert Weaver to install a 50-square-foot free-standing directory sign at the Haymarket Professional Center. 4 to 0.

JEFFERSON ST., 6704 -- By Lawrence F. Ayers III to install a 1 1/2-by-3 1/2-foot free-standing sign in front of a dentist office and a 1 1/2-by-3 1/2-foot free-standing sign at the corner of Jefferson and Washington streets. 4 to 0.

ROUTES 55 AND 15 -- By Wolfe Auction for a special-use permit to hold a car auction July 27, and by James Underwood Concessions to sell food at the auction. 4 to 0.

WASHINGTON ST., 1487 -- By Dale Hubbard for a building permit to add a 16-by-24-foot porch on the back of a house. 4 to 0.

WASHINGTON ST., 15000 -- By the Clip Joint Barber and Beauty Shop to install two 2-by-4-foot wall signs at the entrance to the shop. 4 to 0.

WASHINGTON ST., 15001 -- By Isabel Ortega to redesign three wall signs and one free-standing sign at the Old Bank Cafe, previously Bonnie & Clyde's Sub Shop. 4 to 0.

WASHINGTON AND MADISON STREETS -- By Marika Evans for a site plan to convert an apartment annexed to the Madison Corner Shop into a beauty shop. 4 to 0.