Michael Carl George, charged Sunday in the Woodbridge slaying of 15-year-old Alexander Sztanko, also is under investigation in Stafford County in the abduction of two other youths, a police spokesman said yesterday.

George, 32, who is being held without bond, matches the description of a man Stafford investigators believe forced a 15-year-old boy into the woods at gunpoint in April 1988, said Stafford County sheriff's spokesman Mike Coffey. The man was dressed in camouflage and carried an assault rifle, Coffey said.

The boy told police he was forced to lie face down on the ground and was interrogated in a manner that led him to believe he was being questioned by a police officer.

A second boy, whose age was not listed, reported a similar incident in April of this year.

About eight more sightings of the man have been reported, Coffey said.

Prince William County police criminal investigation division supervisor John Hutchens said his investigators are examining open files to see whether George matches the description of perpetrators in other open cases.

Hutchens said investigators have located a black helmet they believe is the one Sztanko wore when he left his parents' former home in Woodbridge Saturday to go motorbike riding.

The youth's mother, Gail, said he was last seen about 2 p.m. on his way to catch up with a group of friends who were riding in a utility right-of-way area between Interstate 95 and Route 234.

Police began to search for the youth about 12:30 a.m. Sunday after his parents reported him missing. His body was found at 1:40 p.m. He had been shot once in the head and had suffered wounds to his thighs and scrotum that police believe resulted from the use of a stun gun.

A stun gun was confiscated during a search of George's 1989 Ford Bronco, which was parked near the site where the boy's body was found. A 9mm semiautomatic Beretta handgun was confiscated during a search of George's home in the Stafford County community of Hartwood, court records show.

Ballistics tests are expected to be conducted on the weapon in the next few days, Hutchens said.

George served 2 1/2 years in prison after pleading guilty in 1984 to involuntary manslaughter in the 1979 death of 9-year-old Larry Perry. George told police the boy had shot himself with George's gun during an outing in the woods to shoot and that he had panicked and hid the body, court records show. Staff writer Alice Digilio contributed to this report.