Town of Round Hill

The following was among actions taken at the June 21 meeting of the Round Hill Town Council. For more information, call 338-7878.

BUDGETS APPROVED -- The council approved a $232,290 operating budget for fiscal 1991, which begins July 1 -- a 10.3 percent increase over the current year's budget. In addition, $311,000 for capital improvements was approved for fiscal 1991.

The operating budget, which is funded by taxes, contains no new programs but provides for a 5 percent raise for the town's public works director, who was the only full-time employee this year, and contains money to fund the cost of converting the position of town clerk into a full-time, instead of part-time, slot.

The operating budget contains $106,110 for general expenses and $126,180 for water and sewer costs.

Under the budget plan, Round Hill's real estate tax will remain at 12 cents per $100 of assessed value, and the personal property tax also will be unchanged, at $1 per $100 of assessed value. Tax bills for most Round Hill residents will be higher, however, because real estate assessments in the town have risen by an average of 30 percent this year -- the highest increase of any Loudoun town. The 30 percent increase means that a home previously assessed at $200,000, for example, would now be assessed at $260,000, requiring the resident to pay $72 more in taxes this fall.

The capital improvements budget, which is funded by water and sewer connection fees, will pay for the following improvements:

Replacement of a water line at Mosby Court.

Installation of a water line between the town and the Round Hill Reservoir.

Installation of a new purification system for the town's sewer treatment plant, which was mandated by the state.

Mayor Jeffrey Wolford said the purification system will be installed by the end of this calendar year and the water lines will be installed next year.