The following items were discussed by the Alexandria School Board at its June 21 meeting. For further information, call 824-6635.

DONATION TO T.C. WILLIAMS -- Cassandra and Ralph Bradley presented a check for $50,000 to the board in memory of their daughter Staci, to be used to renovate the lobby of T.C. Williams High School.

Staci Bradley attended T.C. Williams from 1985 until she withdrew in February 1988 during her senior year because of ill health. She died later of a heart problem.

The money, which is one of the largest private donations ever received by the city's public school system, will be used for new carpeting and lighting in the school lobby, and to construct display cases and a kiosk.

The donation also will be used to create a display for the academic letter award program, which honors students who have a grade point average of 3.25 (B+) or higher. Staci Bradley won an academic letter, and her parents said she was especially proud of the achievement.

The renovations to the lobby have begun and will be completed in September.

PROPOSED VOCATIONAL EDUCATION CHANGES -- The board discussed several proposed changes in the curriculum of the Secondary Schools Occupation Center, a half-day vocational education program for students in grades 7 through 12.

Maxine Wood, assistant superintendent for school operations, who chaired a committee to consider revisions in the vocational program, presented nine recommendations to the board:

Some of the proposed changes are:

Expanding the program from a half day to a full day.

Increasing the number of students in the program (no proposed enrollment figure was given).

Changing the enrollment process so that school principals and counselors recommend students for the program, instead of the current policy of having students enroll voluntarily.

Moving the cosmotology laboratory from the Howard Administration building to T.C. Williams High School.

Revising the course offerings to increase the career focus.

The board had asked the committee to study the program and whether it needs to be revised.

The board told the staff to study proposed revisions in the program.

The board will vote on the proposals at its July 19 meeting.

GEORGE MASON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TASK FORCE -- The board voted to establish an ad hoc task force to study recent parental complaints about discipline, curriculum and administrative problems at George Mason Elementary School, at 2601 Cameron Mills Rd.

Some parents have complained that lack of adequate discipline and insufficient supervision of students has led to incidents of violence at the the school in the last school year.

Thirteen parents announced earlier this month that they were taking their children out of the school and would enroll them in private schools.

The parents cited a number of injuries that have occurred at the school in the past year, including two children breaking arms, one child breaking a leg, a child being kicked in the groin and a child being hit between the eyes by a rock.

Some teachers at the school say they have had difficulty diciplining students who verbally abuse them.

The purpose of the task force is to plan for a smooth opening of the school in September. The board is accepting applications for people to serve on the task force through Monday, July 9. Applicants must have a child who is attending George Mason Elementary School in the fall. For more information, call Billie Hughes at 824-6614.