In the early evening of April 7, my son Carl A. Krogmann II was attempting to deliver a pizza for the Domino's store he managed in Largo. He was shot and killed, allegedly by two young men who phoned in the bogus order to lure a delivery man to a vacant house so that they could commit their crime. The murder was so senseless that it defied a reasonable solution. However, Prince George's County police swung into action solving the case and arresting within 48 hours two men who were later charged in the slaying, Arthur R. Miles and Roland H. Jeter Jr.

There have been accusations and condemnations of the Prince George's County Police Department in the media in the recent past, but I wish to say for our family that our experience with the Prince George's Police has demonstrated that they are of superior ability and have a quality in their corps that is hard to beat. We found them polite, articulate, informed and more than willing to serve the public in administering the laws they are sworn to uphold.

The purpose of this letter is to state publicly the gratitude our family feels for the outstanding work the Prince George's County police performed from Chief Mitchell to the police cadets in solving this heinous crime. From the onset, when the police officer told us our son was murdered and bled to death in his girlfriend's arms through the arrest and incarceration procedure and continuing even now when its job is theoretically finished, the Prince George's Police Department has been warm, humane, sympathetic and helpful in our trials and tribulations.

Prince George's citizens should be, and I know they are, very proud of their police chief and his corps of police officers. They are a credit to their community.