The chaotic Friday night go-go dance in an Anne Arundel County motel -- in which four people were shot and one was fatally struck by a car -- was originally supposed to be a well-controlled anti-drug event for young people, the hotel manager said yesterday.

The promoters who arranged for the appearance of a popular local go-go group, The Junkyard Band, promised that the affair would be a positive event, according to the manager of the Holiday Inn in Laurel.

"He said people would be calling for 'no drugs,' a positive message, and they did, they had speakers," said Nick Merza, manager of the hotel, located on Route 198, near Fort Meade and the Baltimore-Washington Parkway.

Merza said the dance was organized by Mark Johnson, a student at Roosevelt High School in Greenbelt, and others connected with the school. Johnson could not be reached for comment, and Roosevelt Principal Gerald Boarman said he did not know the student.

Some witnesses said the trouble began about 1:30 a.m. Saturday when a fight broke out inside the room where several hundred people were dancing and listening to the music. As people streamed outside, a man fired a shotgun at them, creating a panic in which a 17-year-old Prince George's County boy was struck by a car.

During the fight inside, "everybody was throwing things -- glass, chairs, fire extinguishers," said a Severn woman, who declined to be identified but said she was hit in the arm with a pellet gun after she left the dance.

Others in attendance said that although no liquor was available to the dancers inside the hotel, many of whom were underage, the crowd was rowdy and excited nevertheless.

"People were drunk when they arrived and they were drinking outside," said Bob Green, of Severn. "People get to drinking and they hear that go-go music and they get all excited."

The Friday dance, and another go-go concert held at the hotel two weeks previously, were publicized with posters and fliers and attracted people from all over the Washington-Baltimore area, Green and others said. Go-go, a blend of funk and rap, is a popular local dance music that has been associated with violence in the past.

According to the Severn woman and Teresle Jones, a Baltimore woman injured in the melee, security guards evicted partygoers into the parking lot, where the shooting took place in which Jones and three others were injured. Jones has said a man dressed in denim shorts and a white cap fired a shotgun into the crowd of 30 to 40 people as they left the hotel.

No arrests have been made in the case, according to Anne Arundel County police. Jones and two others were treated at Greater Laurel-Beltsville Hospital and released. Antonio Coleman, of Landover, remained at the hospital yesterday in stable condition.

Merza contradicted reports from the police and witnesses who said the fighting began inside the hotel.

"We know nothing -- it was all {happening} on the street, outside," he said. "Believe me, inside the building they were all well-behaved, all young kids."

Merza said he will no longer permit The Junkyard Band and other "go-go" groups to perform at the hotel.

Merza denied statements by Jones that liquor was served to minors inside. He said no liquor was on sale at the concert, for which a $12 admission fee was charged. About a dozen security guards provided by the promoters checked for liquor and weapons, patting down concertgoers as they came in, Merza said.

Merza said he believed that the dispute began when one person tried to steal another's gold neck chain.

The College Park youth killed in the melee, John Smith, 17, of Lakeland Road, died when he was struck by a car on Route 198, where he ran to flee the gunfire. The motorist whose car struck Smith has not been charged. Staff writer Claudia Levy also contributed to this story.