Navy Rear Admiral

Richard Brittain Tuggle, 92, a retired Navy rear admiral and World War I veteran who had participated in many of the major battles of World War II, died July 1 in Jupiter Island, Fla. The cause of death was not reported.

He was naval attache in Turkey when this country entered World War II. He was sent to the Southwest Pacific in the early days of the war. He later served on Murmansk runs to supply the Soviet Union. In 1943, he was put in command of 20 ships in the capture of Sicily and was naval chief of staff at the landings at Anzio.

Later in the war, he returned to the Pacific again, where he commanded the light cruiser Pasadena, which provided supporting gunfire in the marine landings at Leyte, Philippines, Iwo Jima and Okinawa. He was in Tokyo Harbor at the signing of the Japanese surrender in 1945. He retired from active duty in 1946.



Mario Cabre, 75, a former Spanish bullfighter and actor who in the 1950s was romantically linked to actress Ava Gardner, died of a heart ailment July 1 at a hospital in Barcelona.

Mr. Cabre was widely known in Spain, not only as a bullfighter but also for his romance with Gardner during the film "Pandora and the Wandering Dutchman," which they made together in the Spanish Costa Brava.

After retiring from the bullring in 1960 after a 17-year career, he played leading roles in a number of Spanish films and plays. He also wrote several volumes of poetry.


Department Store Executive

Jerome Kane Ohrbach, 82, who helped turn the department store chain his father, Nathan, founded into a national chain, died June 28 at his home in Los Angeles. He had Parkinson's disease.

As president of Ohrbach's department stores in the 1950s, he built the chain's reputation for selling fashionable clothes at off-the-rack prices, in part by copying the products of big-name designers.

He led the chain's westward expansion in the 1950s, forming Orhbach's West Coast division and moving from his native New York to Los Angeles to oversee the operation. He was company president until the chain was sold in 1962.