Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1C's Single-Member District 4 will meet at 7 p.m. tonight at the ANC office, at 2407 18th St. NW, to discuss community concerns and the new liquor license policy proposed by the ANCs. The policy is to support liquor licenses for only a limited number of large restaurants in the neighborhood and to urge that all new establishments be confined to commercial areas. 1E MOUNT PLEASANT

Because of the Fourth of July holiday, the ANC 1E meeting regularly scheduled for July 3 will be held at 7 p.m. next Tuesday at 1755 Lamont St. NW.

The ANC will do the following: Discuss a Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA ) application by GAP Inc. to move its day-care center from the Marie Reed Elementary School, 2200 Champlain St. NW, to 3060 16th St. NW. Under existing regulations, the proposed site would allow for a maximum capacity of 25 children, and GAP wants to increase the number allowed to 83. Discuss a request before the BZA to increase the number of residents from 19 to 25 at a residential facility at 1715-17 Kilbourne St. NW. 2B DUPONT CIRCLE

At a meeting June 27, ANC 2B did the following: Voted to support a resident who is protesting an Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (ABC) liquor license renewal application for the Fox & Hounds restaurant at 1536 17th St. NW because of noise. The ANC agreed to reconsider its position if the restaurant agrees to close its sidewalk cafe at midnight.

Agreed to oppose a request before the D.C. Zoning Commission by N Street Follies to build a mixed-use complex at 1743-1755 N St. NW that would be bigger than zoning restrictions allow. The commissioners said they object to the project as proposed because it does not comply with the city's comprehensive plan and would not fit in with the historic character of the neighborhood.

Agreed to oppose a BZA application by Joseph Reyes to establish offices on all floors at 1631 and 1633 16th NW.

Agreed to oppose a BZA application by the Lauren Condominium for a special exception to allow professional offices on the first floor of its complex at 1301 20th St. NW. Commissioners said they object to the expansion because offices already occupy more than 20 percent of the residential building.

The ANC will meet at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at St. Thomas Parish, 1772 Church St. NW., to do the following:

Hear an address by mayoral candidate John Ray.

Hear presentations by the Washington Metropolitan Transist Authority on a proposal by Riggs National Bank to purchase the air rights above the subway station at Connecticut Avenue and Q Street NW.

Consider a request by Rascals, at 1520 Connecticut Ave. NW, to change its liquor license so that it can be considered a nightclub instead of a restaurant.

Vote on a BZA application by the Republic of Zimbabwe to open a chancery at 1608 New Hampshire Ave. NW.

Vote on a BZA application by the Embassy of Papua New Guinea to open a chancery at 1615 New Hampshire Ave. NW. 2C NEAR NE-NEAR NW-SHAW

ANC 2C's committee on housing, economic development and environmental affairs will meet at 7 p.m. Wednesday in the second-floor boardroom of the Department of Public and Assisted Housing, 1133 North Capital St. NE, to discuss the following:

A proposal to close an alley at Second and F streets NW to accommodate a project proposed at First and F streets NW that would consist of two buildings and a courtyard.

A BZA application by Louis L. and M.F. Glickfield to build an addition to a furniture store at 637 I St. NW.

A BZA application by Mount Clare Properties for an exception to the required number of parking spaces for a commercial building at 600-700 Second St. NE.

A BZA application by Raymond C. Brophy to build an office building at 1250 14th St. NW that would be linked to National City Christian Church by walkways and metal canopies.

A request to the D.C. Historic Preservation Review Board by the Oliver T. Carr Co. to restore the facades of four buildings at 511, 513, 515 and 517 Seventh St. NW and to allow for construction behind those facades.

A BZA application by the Oliver T. Carr Co. to allow the construction of a mixed-use building at Sixth, Seventh, E and F streets NW.

A request before the D.C. Zoning Commission by the New Jersey and H Street Limited Partnership to build a mixed-use project at the northeast corner of New Jersey Avenue and H Street NW. The building would include three commercial buildings and a day-care center. 2E GEORGETOWN

At a meeting June 5, ANC 2E did the following:

Opposed a request by the Georgetown Inn at 1310 Wisconsin Ave. NW to change the design of a new addition.

Opposed a BZA application to build a two-story addition at 3126 Dumbarton Ave. NW. Commissioners said they were concerned about the impact of the addition on neighbors and the precedent of allowing a semi-detached structure to be added to a rowhouse.

Agreed to install a bench in Volta Park in memory of former commissioner Katherine Sullivan and agreed to donate $200 to the Sundial Summer Camp for park equipment.

Agreed to send a letter to the D.C. Office of Emergency Preparedness and the D.C. Police Department asking that the ANC be given 30-days' notice of large parades and other major events planned in Georgetown and an opportunity to comment on them. 3C CLEVELAND PARK-WOODLEY PARK

At its June 25 meeting, ANC 3C did the following:

Voted to oppose a developer's proposal to build three houses in a wooded area near Rock Creek Park and Porter Street NW. The development, called Pinecrest, is within a historic district and needs the approval of the Historic Preservation Review Board.

Voted to ask the Department of Public Works to refrain from replacing the teardrop-shaped street lights in the area with high-sodium cobra-shaped lights. The ANC voted to ask the city to consider instead using a kit now available that can convert the tear-drop lights to low-sodium lights that are as energy-efficient as the cobra lights.

Voted to oppose a reguest to the BZA for a variance to build a rear deck and an addition to a house at 2906 Cortland Place NW. 3F NORTH CLEVELAND PARK-FOREST HILLS

At its June 25 meeting, ANC 3F did the following:

Voted to urge the public works department to consider installing low-sodium light bulbs in the teardrop-shaped street lights instead of changing the lights to cobra-shaped lights in Ward 3. Commissioners said the low-sodium light bulbs would be as energy-efficient as the high-sodium bulbs and the tear-drop lights are more decorative.

Announced that the Forest Hills Playground Committee needs funds to buy equipment for a new playground planned for a site at Brandywine and Chesapeake Streets NW. The committee hopes to begin constuction in October.

Announced that the Sheridan School, 4400 36th St NW, is considering expanding the school in 1992 to increase enrollment from 200 to 270 students. The proposed addition would require a variance from the BZA. 3G CHEVY CHASE

ANC 3G will meet at 7:30 p.m. Monday at the Chevy Chase Community Center, 5601 Connecticut Ave. NW, to do the following:

Discuss a proposed legal agreement between neighborhood residents and Knollwood, a retirement home for military officers and their spouses at 6200 Oregon Ave. NW, regarding a plan by the home to build a three-story building with 40 apartment units.

Discuss a request by Stephen and Lynn Olson to build a rear addition to their house at 3208 Jocelyn St. NW.

At its June 25 meeting, the ANC did the following:

Voted to send letters to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) and First American Bank asking that they appoint representatives to a committee created to resolve problems related to the use of a private alley behind the First American Bank on Chevy Chase Circle. Neighbors have complained that there is excessive traffic in the alley. The committee will study alternatives such as widening the alley to provide a buffer between the houses and the alley, closing off the alley except to residents who live adjacent it and creating a new road through WMATA property into the bank's parking lot.

Voted to award a $500 ANC grant to the Library Theater, which performs musicals for youth in public libraries to encourage reading.

At its June 11 meeting, the ANC voted to send a letter to People's Drug store, Connecticut Avenue and McKinley Street NW, complaining about trash and the deteriorating surface of the sidewalk adjacent to the store and the store's parking lot. The store now has a request before the BZA to continue operating the parking lot.

For more information, call 363-5803. 4D PETWORTH-NORTHWEST BOUNDARY

ANC 4D will meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday at the 4th District Police headquarters, 6001 Georgia Ave., to discuss whether to ask the Department of Public Works to install low-sodium light bulbs in the teardrop-shaped street lights in Ward 3 instead of replacing the tear-drop lights with cobra-shaped "crime" lights. The low-sodium lights are just as energy efficient and may even be less costly. For more information, call 829-3614. 5A BROOKLAND-WOODRIDGE-RIGGS-MICH. PK.

ANC commissioners Katherine Pearson-West and Raymond Dickey on June 27 asked the D.C. Police to increase surveillance in the neighborhood after they and other members of the North Michigan Park Citizens Patrol were taunted by youngsters throwing firecrackers at South Dakota and Delafield Street NE. 6B CAPITOL HILL-SOUTHEAST

At a meeting June 26, ANC 6B did the following:

Voted to support a BZA application by James Pisches to reclassify the occupancy permit for Jimmy T's Place at 501 East Capitol St. SE from drugstore to drugstore and restaurant.

Voted to oppose an application by the K.P. Corp. to convert the Caldwell Home, which used to house 104 mentally ill patients, into a 28-unit apartment building at 2 18th St. SE. However, commissioners said they would support a proposal to establish a 24-unit building.

Heard a presentation by Shelley Ross-Larsen, of Save the Eastern Market, on why the Eastern Market should not be substantially renovated as proposed by the District.

Agreed to hold a community meeting to discuss residents' complaints about trash and loitering near S & J Liquor Store, 1500 Massachusetts Ave. SE. The meeting is scheduled for today. Contact the ANC office at 543-3344 for time and location. 7D MINNESOTA-BENNING

ANC 7D will meet at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at 6th District Police headquarters, 42nd Street and Benning Road NW, for a special meeting with the Fort Dupont Civic Association to discuss a proposal to demolish the Senator Theater, 3950 Minnesota Ave. NE, to make room for a shopping center. For more information, call 399-1036. 7F FORT CHAPLIN-BENNING HEIGHTS

ANC 7F will not meet during July and August. The ANC office, at Mary Plummer Elementary School, Texas Avenue and C Street SE, will remain open during the summer. Residents with concerns should call the office at 584-4979. 8A ANACOSTIA

ANC 8A will meet at 7:30 p.m. Monday at the ANC office, 2912 Martin Luther King. Jr. Ave SE, to discuss the city's proposed closing of Moten Elementary School. 8C CONGRESS HEIGHTS

ANC 8C will meet at 7 p.m. Wednesday at the ANC office, 3125 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. SE. For more information, call 562-1188. 8E BELLVIEW-CONG. HGTS.-WASH. HIGHLANDS

ANC 8E will meet at 7 p.m. Wednesday on the second floor of Washington Highland School, Eighth and Yuma streets SE. For more information, call 562-7951.