An article supposedly explained my decision not to run for reelection as a member of the House of Delegates, because of my full-time employment at the Department of Transportation {Metro, May 31}. I say "supposedly" because even the headline of the article was incorrect. I quote: "Md. Delegate the Latest to Land a Newly Created State Post."

I'd like to set the record straight.

The position I now hold became vacant in mid-May, and I was hired to replace the person who left the job. It was not created for me.

The article also implied that my credentials as a retired police officer did not qualify me for the job. In essence, I was tried and found guilty by The Post and declared unqualified for the job. In essence, the paper has inferred that because I was a police officer I was not fit for any other type of employment. I, along with other people in the field of law enforcement, resent the assumption that we are fit for no other type of employment.

However, here again, if research had been done, it would have been found that I have background and experience in state transportation. I served as a member of the Joint Transportation Commission of the state legislature. I was instrumental in the establishment of Prince George's County's first Transportation Oversight Committee. I was a member of the School Bus Transportation Committee. And I represented the Prince George's County delegation on the Washington Suburban Transit Committee.

The jaded view that any legislator who obtains state employment or a judgeship dismisses and tars with a single brush the qualifications of many highly qualified men and women. The Post is entitled to its opinion. But what it is not entitled to, and what is as unforgivable as it is irresponsible, is the outright distortion of the facts to prove an equally distorted point of view that borders on character assassination. DENNIS C. DONALDSON Capital Heights