Loudoun County

The following was among actions taken at the July 2 meeting of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors. For more information, call 777-0202.

DEVELOPMENT APPROVED -- The board approved a developer's application to build what will be one of the county's largest mixed-use developments, in the Arcola area just north of Dulles International Airport.

The board voted 5 to 2 vote to approve the development, called Brambleton, to be built by Kettler & Scott of Vienna, which is also the developer of the 3,000-acre Cascades mixed-use development between Route 7 and the Potomac River in Sterling.

When it is completed in 20 years, Brambleton will have about 1,500 single-family houses, 1,400 town houses, 600 apartments and 600 apartments set aside for senior citizens and families with incomes of less than $27,424. There also will be about 4.2 million square feet of offices, industrial parks and retail facilities, as well as sites for schools, churches and libraries. The offices and retail facilities will be orhanized around a town center.

Board members Betsey Brown (D-Catoctin) and Thomas Dodson (D-Mercer) voted against the project, saying it would overburden county services and destroy Arcola's largely rural nature.

Kettler & Scott first applied to rezone the property, about 2,900 acres, in December 1986. Since then, the company has met with county planners, residents and environmentalists concerned about the project's impact on the nearby Goose Creek and Beaverdam Reservoir, and with airport officials concerned about so much residential development near the airport. The developers have agreed to inform potential buyers that the airport is less than five miles away.

In exchange for permission to build, the company will help pay for widening and extending area roads, including widening Route 659 from two lanes to four and extending it to Route 50. It also will pay the Arcola Volunteer Fire Department 5 cents for each square foot of non-residential space it develops. In addition, it will will make a one-time contribution of $120,000 to the Arcola Volunteer Fire Department.

Town of Lovettsville

The following was among actions taken at the June 28 meeting of the Lovettsville Town Council. For more information, call 822-5788.

TOWN BUDGET -- The council approved a $272,000 budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1, a 16.2 percent increase over last year's budget.

The budget is made up of a $132,000 operating budget, a 4 percent increase over last year, and a $140,000 utility budget, a 29 percent increase over last year.

Most of the utility budget increase is for engineering, planning and legal expenses needed to begin designing the town's new water and sewer system. The council has budgeted $35,000 for the project.

The operating budget includes $18,000 for town planner Marc Weiss, who is updating the town's comprehensive plan and zoning ordinance. The budget does not provide for a raise for the town's four employees.

The town's real estate tax rate, at 8 cents per $100 of assessed value, is one cent lower than last year's. But because assessments in Lovettsville have increased by an average of 12 percent, the average tax bill will be about the same. For example, a house assessed last year at $150,000 would now be assessed at $168,000, requiring the owner to pay a few cents less than last year.

Lovettsville has no personal property tax.

Town of Purcellville

The following action was taken at the June 28 special meeting of the Purcellville Town Council. For more information, call 338-7421.

TOWN BUDGET APPROVED -- The council approved a $1.7 million budget for the fiscal year that began July 1, an 18 percent increase over last year's spending. The council also approved a 2-cent increase in the town's real estate tax rate, raising it to 24 cents per $100 of assessed value.

Among Loudoun's seven incorporated towns, Purcellville has the highest real estate tax rate and is the only one that approved a real estate tax increase this year. The personal property tax rate will remain at $1.05 per $100 of assessed value, also the highest among towns in the county.

The increase in the tax rate coupled with an average real estate assessment increase of 23 percent means a substantially higher tax bill for most town residents. For example, the owner of a house that was assessed last year at $200,000 and whose value rose to $246,000 this year will pay $150.40 more in taxes this fall.

Town Manager Jerry Schiro said the council decided to increase taxes to help offset $1.1 million in debt for a new municipal center. The center, which was purchased in February for about $800,000 and financed with a bond issue, is now being remodeled. Schiro said the tax increase revenue also will help pay for operating the new building, which is about three times larger than the present Town Hall.

The budget provides a 5 percent raise for the town's 25 employees, including the police force. It also provides funding to continue a three-year program of upgrading or replacing all town water lines, and to plan the expansion of the wastewater treatment plant.

Town of Leesburg

The following was among actions taken at the June 27 meeting of the Leesburg Town Council. For more information, call 777-2420.

TOWN BUDGET -- The council approved a $21.9 million operating budget for fiscal year 1991, which began July 1 -- a 38 percent decrease from last year's budget.

The decrease is substantial because last year's budget contained millions of dollars for several building projects -- including funds for construction of the municipal center and the Ida Lee Park recreation center, which are now nearly complete.

The budget calls for the town's tax rates to remain at 17 cents per $100 of assessed value for real estate and $1 per $100 of assessed value for personal property.

Despite the decrease, however, most homeowners' tax bills will be higher, since the average real estate assessment in Leesburg has increased by 12 percent this year. A house assessed last year at $200,000, for example, will be assessed this year at $224,000, requiring its owner to pay about $40 more in taxes.

The budget includes $3.8 million for construction of a town parking garage, expected to begin this week. It also contains $1.8 million for improvements at Leesburg Airport, including a new instrument landing system, and provides a 3.5 percent cost-of-living raise for the town's 150 employees.