Town of Quantico

The following were among actions taken at the June 25 meeting of the Town of Quantico. For more information, call 640-7411.

BUDGET -- The Town Council approved a $339,550 spending plan for fiscal 1991, which provides wage increases of 25 to 31 cents an hour for the town's three-person police force and two-person maintenance department. The new budget took effect July 1.

The spending is divided into $154,792 for the town's utility budget and $184,758 for the town's general budget, which includes funding for the town's general administration and police and maintenance departments.

The spending plan maintains the present fees for water and sewer services and the town real estate tax rate of 25 cents per $100 of assessed value. Quantico does not have a local personal property tax.

The general fund budget represents an increase of less than one percent over the $183,595 fiscal 1990 general fund budget. The utility budget, which is funded by water and sewer fees, is unchanged.

While reducing funds for some departments, the general fund budget places about $3,000 more in the police department's budget to help pay for a 3 percent increase -- about 26 to 31 cents per hour -- in the wages of the two police officers and the chief of police. The department's budget now stands at $97,847. With the raise, the lowest paid officer now makes $8.96 an hour and the chief of police makes $10.74.

The town's two maintenance workers received 25-cent increases in their hourly wages, bring them to $6.05 for a full-time employee and $5.15 for a part-time employee.