The Leesburg Town Council held a special, closed session Saturday to consider the employment status of Town Manager Jeffrey Minor, but the council took no action then or at its Monday night session.

Town officials noted that rumors have surfaced in recent weeks that a majority of the new council members favor replacing Minor. In part to discuss those rumors, a meeting was held Saturday to consider "a personnel matter and severance agreement regarding the town manager," according to the motion to hold the closed session.

Saturday was the last meeting before the new council took office, though some of the newly elected members were present. Member Jim Clem did not attend because of a conflict, but he said this week that even if a decision is eventually reached to dismiss Minor or negotiate his resignation, this is not the time to do it.

Minor declined to comment. Mayor Robert E. Sevila issued a statement saying that Minor did not submit his resignation and that it was not requested by the council. However, "various ways for the manager to improve his performance and his administration were discussed," Sevila said in his statement.

Rumors "have been coming from all sides," said new council member Georgia Bange. William Mulokey, who just left office after losing in the May elections, said it is important for any town manager and town council that the top staff member have strong support from the elected officials.

"It's like a marriage," Mulokey said, adding, "Stay tuned."