The following were among actions taken at Tuesday's meeting of the Prince George's County Council. For more information, call 952-5182.

HANDICAP PARKING -- The council approved a letter to County Executive Parris Glendening urging establishment of a hot line that residents could call to report persons illegally using parking spaces reserved for the handicapped. There is a $200 county fine for parking illegally in a designated handicap parking space.

WASTE TREATMENT PLANT -- The council approved legislation that would place a county-proposed waste treatment plant in an industrial I-2 zoning category, which would require it to follow zoning ordinances for industrial facilities, including confining all waste treatment and processing to inside the building.

Council member F. Kirwan Wineland introduced the bill last month amid speculation that county officials were thinking of building the facility in his district, a largely rural area east of Route 301. Wineland said the legislation would limit the noise and smell of the facility wherever it is built.

TAX CREDIT -- The council tentatively approved legislation granting a tax credit for property owned by the American Institute of Physics and leased by the group to a number of affiliated societies. The prestigious national organization -- the largest publisher of physics journals in the world -- is expected to move from New York to College Park in the near future.

The bill would give the science organization a yearly credit equal to the taxes imposed on its properties. The state legislature last year authorized the county to give the nonprofit group a tax credit to induce it to move to the county.

WATER AND SEWER PLAN -- The council held a public hearing on its 10-year water and sewer plan, one of three such hearings held each year to update the comprehensive plan. The council took no action on proposed changes. The plan determines where lines will run for water and sewage hookups.

There are six categories in the plan under which all county properties -- residential and commercial -- fall; the first category indicates a water and sewage system on the property, and category six indicates no water and sewage at all.