For the third time this year, the Maryland Department of Human Resources has issued a "Ten Most Wanted" list of people delinquent in their child-support payments.

Since the first lists were released in January and April, 15 parents have been arrested for child-support violations. Four others are still at large. Many delinquent parents have been found through information supplied by people who dialed the state hot line, 1-800-332-6347.

"We want the community to continue giving us information about these people," said DHR Secretary Carolyn Colvin.

The state has named the following people, with their last known addresses, on the current list:

James Harvey O'Neal, 41, of 2401 Daniel St., Laurel, Del., owes $24,746 for three children.

Clifton Spencer Dorsey Jr., 42, of 4802 Wilvan Ave., Baltimore, owes $24,091 for two children.

Aubrey Alderson, 42, of 1646 Gray Place, Dundalk, owes $22,224 for five children.

Lawrence D. Keplinger Sr., 36, 3641 Rockberry Ave., Baltimore, owes $21,603 for three children.

Pedro Rollins, 56, 3421 Chessel Ct., Baltimore, owes $13,148 for two children.

Charles David Reed, 35, of 111 S. Artizan St., Williamsport, owes $11,065 for two children.

Thomas P. Valanidas, 41, of 7010 Charlestown Rd., Rose Haven, owes $10,021 for two children.

Elmer Eugene Ruse Jr., 35, of 10411 Fawcett St., Kensington, owes $8,272 for one child.

Richard James Glover, 25, of 5302 Goodnow Rd., Apartment I, third floor, Baltimore, owes $6,964 for one child.

Henry E. Lockhart, 42, P.O. Box 109, Childs, owes $7,970 for two children.