The Vienna Town Council has voted unanimously to expand the town's recycling program to include plastic, aluminum and cardboard.

"The success of the glass recycling indicates a willingness on the part of our residents to participate in a concerted recycling program," said Town Manager John H. Schoeberlein in his report to the council on recycling expansion.

Fairfax County increased its landfill charge this year from $24 to $43 a ton. The town's 1990-91 budget allotted for only a $40-a-ton fee. But with increased recycling by residents, Vienna will be able to remain within the budget, said the town manager.

The town plans to set up the additional recycling containers at the Vienna Community Center, 120 Cherry St. SE. Glass containers will continue to be recycled separated by color: green, amber and clear.

Tin and aluminum cans, aluminum foil and pie pans will be recycled in the aluminum receptacle. All containers must be clean and free of food.

Plastic containers including milk jugs and soda, liquor and laundry detergent bottles will also be recycled by the town. Plastic bags are not acceptable. Caps should be removed from bottles and all containers rinsed and flattened.

Corrugated cardboard, box board and brown bags will be accepted in the cardboard recycling container. All plastic, liner or laminated materials must be removed from the cardboard before recycling.

Metro Recyclers of Merrifield will provide and service the trash containers at the Community Center in exchange for the materials collected. Aluminum cans will be recycled by the Northern Virginia Training Center, an organization that employees mentally handicapped adults.

A record will be kept by Metro Recyclers of the amount of material that the company collects, so that the town can calculate the percentage of trash being recycled.

Vienna resident Carl Mocarski said he was worried that the Community Center would end up looking like "a dump" with the addition of the new recycling containers.

Mayor Charles A. Robinson Jr. said the receptacles "would not be objectionable" and would be regularly serviced. Recycling containers will be emptied within five hours of a call to the recycling company.

"If it proves to be a public nuisance, we'll get rid of them," said the mayor.

Council member George E. Lovelace asked that information on the additional recycling measures be included in the town newsletter.

"This is not a onetime shot; we want this to go on for years," said Lovelace. "If we keep the item in front of the people, then maybe we can get something done."