I would like to rebut the latest offering from Ned Dolan {Weekly letters, June 14}. I would have done so earlier but I have been out of town. These words do not necessarily represent those of my department or my association.

Mr. Dolan castigates the volunteer fire and rescue system, citing nonsensical data. He chose the word ''gimmick'' to discuss volunteer departments' not seeking additional career personnel and attempted to associate this with the fact that current personnel are endangered by undermanned equipment and gaps left open in coverage. Further, he mentions an ''intriguing gimmick'' -- that being the use of ''casual labor'' -- which was ''outlawed by the county government.''

While it is true that volunteers in this county contribute their time to work and train, it is not true that they ''douse simple fires or provide rudimentary first aid while taking a neighbor to a doctor or hospital.'' This county, in fact, has a highly skilled, trained and motivated fire and rescue delivery system that serves 700,000 residents. It is a combination volunteer and career system that utilizes the latest in state-of-the-art methods for fire prevention, fire suppression and emergency medical services.

Like many areas of the nation, we have had manning problems. Typical of these have been a slow decline in volunteer personnel together with retirement of career personnel two years ago. These problems were immediately addressed and, to date, large efforts are being expended to fill these positions, although we can always use more applicants. At no time, however, were our citizens in jeopardy or provided with less-than-adequate service.

"Casual labor" is not a ''gimmick.'' Had Mr. Dolan remained with the Fire and Rescue Commission (a group I was connected with from its inception and for seven years thereafter) or bothered to pick up a phone, he would have learned that the casual labor system was created because career people were needed and because our previous county executive denied commission requests for more full-time personnel repeatedly for five years. In addition, this system was overseen and closely monitored by the county government.

Mr. Dolan obviously dislikes volunteer fire and rescue personnel, regardless of the talent and dedication they have given our county for more than 100 years.

DAVID S. DWYER Chief and President Montgomery County Volunteer Fire-Rescue Association Bethesda