Prince George's County Council member Anthony J. Cicoria and his wife, Catherine, have been ordered to report to a probation officer weekly until their October trial on theft and perjury charges.

Assistant State Prosecutor Scott E. Nevin said he asked for court-ordered supervision Tuesday at a pretrial hearing after the Cicorias failed to abide by an informal agreement to report to a probation officer or post a bond.

Circuit Court Judge Robert C. Nalley also ordered the Cicorias to sign an order stating that they had been released on their own recognizance. Previously, Nevin said, the state had not formally requested the Cicorias to sign such an order and, in effect, had no way to ensure their appearance in court.

"The state felt that it was necessary now -- given the failure of our previous agreement -- to put everything on the record," Nevin said.

Attorneys for the Cicorias argued unsuccessfully that the couple was not bound by the informal agreement, which was made by their former attorneys, and should not be required to report to a probation officer.

"I think this is a tremendous embarrassment to my client and not supported by the circumstances," said Michael D. Montemarano, who is representing Anthony Cicoria. "There is no reason for bond in this case."

The state prosecutor's office and the Cicorias' former attorneys agreed May 25 during an off-the-record meeting in Nalley's chambers that the state would spare the Cicorias the public embarrassment of requiring bond if the couple would report weekly to a probation officer, Nevin said.

At that time, Nevin said, state prosecutors were concerned because Cicoria had said that he would not run for reelection. He also was trying to sell his house and establish a business in Florida, Nevin said.

Cicoria since has announced that he is running for reelection and has taken his house off the market, Nevin said. Catherine Cicoria is living temporarily in Jupiter, Fla., where she is trying to open a liquor store with family members, her attorney, T. Joseph Touhey, said. Catherine Cicoria was ordered to telephone a probation officer once a week from Florida, Touhey said.

Anthony Cicoria was indicted March 16 on charges of felony theft, conspiracy and filing false income tax reports in the alleged theft of $64,000 in campaign funds from 1984 through 1989. Catherine Cicoria, who has been her husband's campaign chairman, is charged with seven counts of perjury in addition to the felony theft, conspiracy and income tax charges.