NYU Law Dean

Robert B. McKay, 70, former dean of the New York University School of Law and chief investigator into the Attica, N.Y., prison uprising, died of a heart attack July 13 in Reno, Nev., where he was to address the National Judicial College.

Mr. McKay joined NYU's School of Law in 1953, and served as dean from 1967 to 1975. From 1971 to 1972, he headed the state Special Commission on Attica riots, in which 32 inmates and 10 hostages died. The McKay Commission, as it was called, criticized Gov. Nelson Rockefeller for not visiting the prison before ordering an armed assault on the inmates.


Driver Education Pioneer

Amos Neyhart, 91, creator of the first driver education class in the United States who was honored for his work by the American Automobile Association in 1954, died of a stroke July 5 in a nursing home in State College, Pa.

Mr. Neyhart's role as "Mr. Safety" began in 1931 when a drunk driver hit his parked car, convincing him that teenagers needed to learn the best way to drive. He taught volunteer students with his own automobile, set up the first formal course in 1933, and later created the first teacher preparation course in driver education and the first seminar in that field for college professors.


Soccer Coach

Joao Saldanha, 73, the coach who assembled the Brazilian national soccer team that won the 1970 World Championship in Mexico, died of a heart attack July 13 at St. Eugenio Hospital in Rome.

Mr. Saldanha became ill while in Italy covering the 1990 World Cup for Brazil's Manchete TV network.


TV Host

Bill Burrud, 65, the gentle-voiced television host of syndicated nature programs including the long-running "Animal World," died of a heart attack July 12 at his home in Sunset Beach, Calif.

"Animal World" was shown in prime-time slots on ABC, NBC, and CBS from 1968 through 1971, and repeats of that and other Burrud shows have been shown in syndication. Mr. Burrud was a pioneer of television travelogues and animal documentaries including "Wanderlust," "Vagabond," "Open Road," "The American West" "World of the Sea" and "Safari to Adventure."