Two aides to Alexandria Mayor James P. Moran Jr. say their cars were burglarized Monday night and papers in the cars from Moran's congressional campaign were searched.

Janice Spector, a spokeswoman for Moran, said campaign officials "have no idea" who might be responsible for the incidents, but that "we're hard-pressed to think it's a coincidence. We have advised everyone who might handle confidential material to be extra careful."

The cars were parked miles apart when the break-ins occurred, Spector said, and nothing was stolen from either car. Spector said the only things disturbed in both cars were campaign papers.

Moran, a Democrat, is trying to unseat Rep. Stan Parris, a Republican from the 8th District. Mark Strand, a Parris spokesman, said Parris "totally rejects any suggestion that he or anyone else connected with the campaign had anything to do with" the incidents.

Strand said that "if there is any evidence of any kind other than the word of these two campaign workers that would implicate anyone connected with the {Parris} campaign, we want to see it."

Spector said that the two cars involved belong to Mame Riley, Moran's campaign manager, and Kathleen Lash, the deputy press secretary.

Both women have filed complaints with police detailing their allegations, Spector said.