Mount Pleasant resident Mark Baechtel discovered last summer that July and August in the District can mean more than searing heat and tourists.

For years, it has also meant five additional free parking spaces at nearby Bancroft Elementary School, in a neighborhood where street parking is a premium.

"Usually, I have to park a block or a block and a half away," he said.

"When school's out of session and I can park there, I'm just a hop, skip and jump away from my door."

Not any more.

Summer school, new this year at Bancroft, opened July 2, and on the morning of July 3, Baechtel found a pink, $20 parking ticket on his windshield.

"I was surprised and angry," Baechtel said later.

"There had been no notice that school was in session."

A nearly fourfold increase in the number of schools holding summer school programs this year means an end to free summer parking for several hundred city residents.

Last year, according to school officials, only 27 schools operated during the summer; this year the number is 100.

Parking restrictions apply fully when schools run summer programs, said Tara Hamilton, of the city's Public Works Department.

"In the past, we've never informed the public" which schools were operating, Hamilton said.

"Usually you can tell if a school is in operation."

Not at the hours people typically park their cars or take off for work in the morning, said angry Mount Pleasant residents.

Those slapped with tickets don't quibble with the rationale for enforcement, they just say the city should have told them.

They are also appealing their tickets.

"The neighborhood should have been informed that there was summer school," said Judy Fridett, a local advisory neighborhood commissioner.

"All they would have to do is put up a few signs."

Last week Fridett posted fliers near Bancroft warning residents that the city's ever-vigilant parking enforcers will ticket cars parked at the school this summer.

The fliers also urge people to appeal the tickets by mail to the city's Bureau of Traffic Adjudication.

"Quite frankly," said Baechtal, "I think they're counting on people like me . . . to add money to the city coffers."

Summer school sites include:

Adams, Aiton, Anacostia, Backus, Bancroft, Barnard, Beers, Benning, Birney, Blow, Brightwood, Brookland, Browne, Buchanan, Bunker Hill, H.D. Cook, Deal, Douglass, Eliot, Evans, Fletcher-Johnson, Friendship, Fort Lincoln, Garnet-Patterson, Garrison, Giddings, Harris, Harrison, Hart, Hendley, Hine, Hobson, Houston, Hyde, Jefferson, Johnson, M.L. King, Kramer, Lafayette, Langdon, Langley, LaSalle, Leckie, Lincoln, Ludlow-Taylor, MacFarland, McGogney, McKinley, Malcolm X, Marie Reed, Merritt, Meyer, Miller, Miner, Montgomery, Moten, Noyes, Orr, Oyster, Parkview, Patterson, Paul, Peabody, Powell, Rabaut, Reed, Roper, Rudolph, Savoy, Seaton, Shadd, Shaw, Simon, Slowe, Sousa, Stanton, Stevens, Taft, Takoma, Terrell, Thomas, Truesdell, Tubman, Turner, Tyler, Van Ness, Walker-Jones, Washington Highlands, Watkins, Weatherless, Webb, Wheatley, Whittier, Wilkerson, J.O. Wilson, Winston, Woodridge, C.G. Woodson, H.D. Woodson, Young.