During the past several months, I have noticed that often the Howard County section of The Post carries more about Montgomery County or Prince George's County than it does about Howard County. I believe The Post is failing Howard County residents by not covering some relevant issues. These issues include:

1) The current planning for the Freestate Racetrack. Cafritz and company have submitted some plans, but what are they? What is the status of financing available?

2) The general plan for Howard County. There has been much talk about it, but how does it impact on our county, particularly, how does it impact on the eastern part of the county?

3) The status of the school systems in the eastern part of the county. We are growing at a fast rate, and as I am sure The Post is aware, we are becoming active in community planning for the eastern part of the county.

4) Routes 1, 32 and 100. Often the planning has ignored the eastern part of the county and we are now trying to catch up and make our issues known.

I believe by covering these areas, The Post will greatly increase its circulation in Howard County, which has many ties to the Washington and only needs to know that The Post is covering issues of concern for it.