Fairfax County police arrested three teenagers in connection with a two-hour series of attacks Tuesday night in which police said a group of as many as 20 young people may have assaulted five persons, in one case with a baseball bat.

Jonathan W. Kane, 18, of the 12000 block of Kingswell Drive in Dale City, was arrested Thursday and charged with malicious wounding. He was being held at the Fairfax Adult Detention Center in lieu of $20,000 bond. Two others, 16 and 17, were released to their parents' custody.

Police and members of the group gave conflicting accounts yesterday of what happened Tuesday night. Police said a group of as many as 20 teenagers were involved in five attacks, which occurred near Alexandria.

Four of the teenagers said in interviews that it was nothing more than a group of youths heading for a party in which one 18-year-old went out of control after drinking too much.

Police spokesman Warren Carmichael said police were investigating the possibility that all the attacks are related. "We believe it is possible," Carmichael said. "There may be some that overlap, although not necessarily all of them were participants in all the incidents."

Police said the first attack occurred about 9:30 p.m. when two women walked up to a 34-year-old Alexandria woman who was standing in front of the Trak Auto store in the 7400 block of Little River Turnpike, which is also Route 236, said police spokesman Bill Coulter.

When the woman leaving the store refused demands for money, the two women chased her and struck her on the head with a baseball bat, police said. The woman was treated at Alexandria Hospital for contusions and released.

Thirty minutes later, a 34-year-old man standing in front of a building in the 4700 block of Rouge Court and Route 236 was knocked down by several men, who then kicked him. One of the assailants took his wallet, Coulter said. The victim was taken to Alexandria Hospital, where he was treated for an eye injury and cuts.

A few minutes after that attack, police said a 21-year-old woman heard a knock at her door in the 3300 block of Beechtree Lane. Some young people forced their way in, "claiming to be looking for an individual they had had a previous altercation with," Coulter said.

When they could not find the person they were looking for, the intruders took several items from the home and left, Coulter said. They then broke windows in two cars parked nearby.

Thirty minutes later, an 18-year-old Fort Washington man was standing outside the Skyline Mall in Baileys Crossroads when several men approached him, Coulter said. "One asked {the victim}, 'What's going on?' " Coulter said. The man was then jumped from behind and punched. One man took his book bag and ran off, Coulter said.

About 11:30 p.m., two 23-year-old men were sitting on motorcycles at the intersection of Beauregard Street and Route 236, waiting for a red light to change when a car pulled up beside them. One man got out, ran over to the motorcycle and pushed one of the cyclists over, Coulter said. "He jumped in his vehicle and drove off," Coulter added.

In an interview at the jail, Kane denied that he was involved in the attacks. "There were about 15 to 20 people," Kane said. "Only two people were being bad. They are trying to stick me for no reason at all. I'm asking them to give me a polygraph test. I did not do nothing."

Kane and other teenagers who were with him that night said it was not a group of teenagers running down the highway attacking people, but rather two individuals with them who made the attacks.

Kane said he did not know anything about the first two incidents, including the baseball bat attack. "That is definitely not us," Kane said. "The girls we were with, trust me, do not touch fights. No one with me had a baseball bat."

Kane said, rather, the night started when a group of friends headed out to what they thought was a Stuart High School party on Beechtree Lane. He said one of his friends had been beaten at the house Monday night and they were looking for the youths who had beaten his friend.

Kane said that as he was talking with the woman who answered the door, two of his friends in cars behind him entered the house and started taking things.

Kane said the group, which was riding in about 10 cars, left the house and went to Skyline Mall, where he said an 18-year-old in the group attacked a man standing outside a movie theater.

"The boy was just standing there. Me and an entire crowd were just watching this," Kane said, as he described how two other youths attacked the man with the backpack. Kane said the caravan then stopped at an intersection when the 18-year-old jumped out of the car and "pushed one of the guys on the motorcycle."

Mina Ghaharib, 17, who was driving the car in which Kane was riding, said she never saw Kane involved in any attacks that night, but that she saw another 18-year-old attack the man at the mall and attack the motorcyclist.

Both Kane and Ghaharib said the night started out as fun, but ended up grimly.

"To see some one jump out of a car and beat the hell out of somebody for no reason is shocking to me," Ghaharib said. "That night was a total nightmare."