Leonardo Wood is 11 years old, and his attire is Summertime Boy: denim cutoffs, sneakers and a shirt. At the moment, he is standing in a stairwell of U.S. District Court during a break in the drug conspiracy and perjury trial of Mayor Marion Barry, doing a small rap dance while he answers pesky questions.

Like, what is an unaccompanied 11-year-old boy doing here? "I came because I support my mayor." How did you get here? "I walked." Do you believe any of the things you've heard about the mayor? "I believe half of one story."

Wood, a precocious pre-teen who lives in a public housing complex not far from the courthouse, had apparently been a stranger to the mayor.

Lurma Rackley, Barry's news secretary, said Wood visited the courthouse on Monday and chatted outside with the mayor. A pass was available for him at yesterday's afternoon session, and he sat with Rackley, Effi Barry and Cora Wilds, she said.

"He seems like a bright little guy who knows his way around," Rackley added, saying that the mayor was hoping to meet his parents.

It was anybody's guess, however,exactly what the mayor was telling his new young friend when they walked out of the courthouse yesterday.

"That's for me to know and you to find out," Leonardo said pointedly. He was free, however, with his opinions about the case.

Expressing doubt about the motivations of some government witnesses, he asserted that "People are just coming in {to testify} to get their charges dropped."

Leonardo also suggested that he was unconvinced by the testimony of government witness Lydia Pearson, which the defense tried to refute yesterday.

"She said she gave him {the mayor} drugs and a 171 {job application} form at the Reeves Center, when he was at that time at the ribbon-cutting at the Safeway," he said.

The assertion about Barry's whereabouts was apparently based on testimony given yesterday by a defense witness.

Then the 11-year-old suddenly confided, "I asked him {Barry} to close my building down." Why? "Because it's a bad place for kids to grow up in. Too many drugs."

And what did the mayor say?

"He said he should."