Town of Hillsboro

The following were among actions taken at the July 18 meeting of the Hillsboro Town Council. For more information, call 668-6066.

BILLS -- The council voted unanimously to begin its first computerized billing system for water and trash services, and to send bills out monthly to town residents instead of quarterly.

The new system went into effect immediately. Bills for water and trash collection will be due at the beginning of each month.

The computer program for the billing system was designed by Councilman Leonard Thill with help from Town Treasurer Glenn Roberts and Water Commissioner Richard Shirley. It allows the town, for the first time, to easily monitor the accounts of its households.

Until now, handwritten bills were sent to Hillsboro's roughly 50 homeowners, indicating the monthly charge but leaving it to residents to figure how much was due each quarter.

"It was an honor system," Mayor Thomas Horvath said.

It also irritated some homeowners, who complained to the council. Now homeowners will receive monthly computerized statements that include the amount due. Payments will be listed on a computer file instead of marked off by hand.

DONATIONS -- The council decided to distribute $3,000 it has received in state fire funds among the three Loudoun volunteer fire and rescue companies that serve Hillsboro.

It will give $1,000 each to the Round Hill, Purcellville and Hamilton volunteer companies. With only about 120 residents, Hillsboro is the only Loudoun town that does not have its own fire and rescue companies.

The state money is given to the town each year by the Virginia Fire Services Board and the Department of Fire Programs. The town is responsible for allocating the funds to volunteer companies.