The following item was discussed by the Alexandria School Board at its July 19 meeting. For further information, call 824-6635.

GOOD HOUSEKEEPING AWARDS -- The Outstanding Housekeeping Award for the 1989-90 school year was presented to the custodial staff of Mount Vernon Elementary School, at 2601 Commonwealth Ave. The custodial staff is directed by Harry Simms.

At the meeting, a plaque was presented to the custodial staff for keeping Mount Vernon the cleanest of the city's 16 public school buildings. Members of the staff, besides Simms, are Ozie Ward, Lera Saunders, Mary Scruggs, Mary Lee, Frank Sanders and Marie Charity.

An honorable mention for good housekeeping went to the custodial staff of Charles Barrett Elementary School, at 1115 Martha Custis Dr. That staff is headed by Eric Ownes.

The award for most improved housekeeping for the year was presented to the custodial staff of Francis C. Hammond Junior High School, at 4646 Seminary Rd. That staff is headed by John Williams.

COMMITTEE APPOINTMENTS -- The following residents were appointed to the George Mason Elementary School Task Force for the 1990-91 school year: Diana Day, Diane French, Betty Muse, Lonnie Rich, David Thomas, Lynn Smith, Maceo Webster, Fowler West, Richard White, Francis Fraser, William Flanagan, Carolyn Anderson, William Jacobson, Dottie Shaw, and Susan Steinberg.

Other committee appointments are as follws: Pat Sugru, Bruce Rodenberg and James Boyd to the Family Life Education Adivory Committee; Deborah Bradby, Adam Dawson, Jeff Overmiller, Karen Plant and Gregory Tsoucalas to the Arts and Humanities Committee; Robert Bullock, Anne West and John Travis to the Special Education Committee; Patrica Hennig and Chris Finch to the Substance Abuse Committee; Peter Mitchell and Pamela Saint Clair to the Vocational Education Committee; and Maryann Jones to the Talented and Gifted Committee.