City of Manassas

The following were among actions taken at the July 17 meeting of the Manassas School Board. For more information, call 361-0166.

FEDERAL GRANT -- The School Board authorized an application for a $198,971 federal grant to extend a remedial education program for lower-income students to two additional elementary schools next school year.

Federal funds have been available only for Baldwin Elementary, because until this past year it has been the only Manassas school to meet minimum federal requirements for the grant -- at least 6 percent of its student body eligible for free or reduced-price lunches because of low family income.

However, extending the program to two more schools would not significantly increase the number of students who benefit from it, school officials said. This past year's federal grant assisted about 115 city students.

Associate Superintendent Thomas Bentson explained that many lower-income students from Baldwin have been transferred to George C. Round and Jennie Dean elementary schools because of attendance boundary adjustments for Manassas elementary schools. Following those adjustments, Round and Dean now meet the federal requirements for Chapter One.

Since the city was incorporated in 1976, Baldwin Elementary has been the only school in Manassas to meet federal requirements for Chapter One. During the last school year, Baldwin used most of its Chapter One grant to provide a remedial math and reading program for 100 kindergarten through sixth-grade students. The remainder was used for a program at Baldwin for 4-year-olds from lower-income families throughout the city.

LEADERSHIP -- The board elected Marvin L. Gillum to a fifth one-year term as chairman of the School Board and Joseph B. Johnson to a fifth term as vice chairman.

Gillum has served on the board since 1980, and Johnson since 1975.