For Potter, the Party Is Not Over, But It Has Been Postponed

The party has been put on indefinite hold. A group of Montgomery County Democrats had been working on a retirement party for veteran County Council member Neal Potter.

Kelly Pelz, Potter's chief aide, had set a date (Nov. 18); booked a ballroom (the Pooks Hill Marriott); and was convening a committee to plan the event. Then, in a move that surprised most everyone, Potter entered the race for county executive.

Pelz scrambled to undo some of the plans, commenting that Marriott officials were most understanding.

She said the event would be held at some future time. She said "no comment" when asked if she thought that might be four years in the offing.

Ironically, one of the people who had agreed to work on the party committee was party activist Dot Gish. Gish is helping to manage the campaign of the man Potter is seeking to unseat -- County Executive Sidney Kramer.

And Then There Was Gilda

Montgomery County Democrat Jean Wastler has been to too many endorsement conventions where the audience sat for hours -- bored and restless -- while the ballots were counted.

So when Wastler was planning last week's endorsement convention of the New Century Democrats, she placed a premium on entertainment. There was a sing-along. And there was Gilda -- a dancer described by Wastler as a gypsy dancer. "She does do belly dancing but I asked her not to . . . . The gypsy dances are less suggestive," Wastler said.

"It really struck me as a little odd," said one candidate who showed up for the endorsement meeting.

Wastler said there were no complaints, just compliments.

The group, which was formed in 1973 to open up the primary process and which has 61 members, endorsed Sidney Kramer for county executive; Bruce T. Adams, Isiah Leggett, Rose Crenca and Gail Ewing for at-large council seats; Marilyn Goldwater for District 1 council; Judith Toth for District 2 council; William E. Hanna Jr. for District 3 council; and Marilyn Praisner for District 4. No endorsement was made in District 5.