Because of an editing error, the date of an FBI agent's statement in U.S. District Court in Alexandria about the "5 N O Crew" was incorrect Friday. Agent Howard Luker made the statement during a hearing June 7. (Published 7/29/90)

Law enforcement officials are investigating allegations that a loose-knit group of about 15 young men in the Shaw area of Northwest Washington specializes in robbing drug dealers and has been involved in more than 15 recent homicides, as well as many other shootings.

Four alleged members of the group have been charged in the $4 million robbery of a Brinks armored car at Dulles International Airport on May 30.

The group, known as the "5 N O Crew," operates around Fifth and O streets NW, and its insignia is painted several places around the nearby Kennedy Playground, at Seventh and P streets NW.

Although the group has been known to D.C. police for about two years, it was first identified publicly yesterday by FBI agent Howard W. Luker during a hearing in U.S. District Court in Alexandria for the suspects arrested in the Brinks robbery.

Several law enforcement sources said the group is suspected of being one of the District's deadliest.

Law enforcement sources said the alleged leader is a 19-year-old man from the neighborhood.

A law enforcement source who has investigated the 5 N O Crew said its members are "violent . . . home-grown . . . stick-up boys" who are involved in drug activity, but mostly rob dealers in the heavy drug trafficking areas along O Street NW, as far north as Florida Avenue and east to North Capitol Street.

"They would just as soon shoot people, as not," the source said.

"They are responsible for a lot of blood around Fifth and O," another law enforcement source said.

Sources said the area has become increasingly violent in the last several weeks, as a group of alleged drug dealers known as the Florida Avenue boys have retaliated against the Fifth and O group.

Police sources said they believe a July 15 drive-by shooting at Columbia Road and Sherman Avenue NW that left two men dead, and a shooting Tuesday evening at Fourth and N streets NW that seriously injured one man, are the result of what they described as a continuing gun battle between the two groups.

But, sources said, members of the Fifth and O group also prey on innocent neighborhood residents, who are so afraid of the men that they won't cooperate with police.

D.C. police records show that there have been more than 20 killings since Jan. 1 in a 10-square-block area centered on Fifth and O streets NW, including a quadruple homicide Feb. 24 in a nightclub known as John's Place in the 1700 block of Seventh Street NW. Authorities are investigating whether the 5 N 0 group played a role in the shootout.

One of the group's alleged members, Kenneth "Kenny Man" Bryant, 18, has been charged with first-degree murder in the kidnapping and slaying of Alfred Cushman Jordan in October 1989. The affidavit in support of the arrest warrant for Bryant filed in D.C. Superior Court shows that Jordan was abducted by four men shortly after 10 p.m., when he got out of his car to use a pay telephone at North Capitol and O streets NW.

Jordan was driven away in the men's car, the affidavit says. A passenger riding with Jordan was forced out of Jordan's car, which was then driven away by one of the men, who was later identified by the passenger as "Kenny Man," according to the affidavit. Jordan was found about 30 minutes later suffering from gunshot wounds, and died at D.C. General Hospital.

Staff writer Robert F. Howe contributed to this report.