A 17-year-old youth, the target of an intense search during the last two weeks, was arrested yesterday in connection with the kidnapping and execution of Anthony Morrisey, D.C. police said.

David Maurice Long, who will be tried as an adult on a felony murder charge, was arrested at 7 a.m. by members of the police department's warrant squad, who had staked out a house on the 200 block of Parker Street NW, police said.

Homicide investigators have made two arrests and are seeking at least two more suspects in the killing of Morrisey, who was found shot to death July 12.

The first break for police occurred July 18, when they arrested Long's sister, Constance Lashawn Long, 21. The two suspects being sought are Reginald "New York Reggie" Douglas Jr., 20, and Darrell Anthony Salters, 18, whose name was released for the first time yesterday.

Morrisey was kidnapped July 11 by at least four people who demanded a half a kilogram of cocaine and $20,000 in exchange for his release, police said. He was killed four hours later behind the East Capitol Dwellings, on the 100 block of 58th Street SE, where the two Longs and Douglas live.

Police have not said what they believe the motive was in the kidnapping, but they have said it was drug-related. Morrisey's relatives have denied this, saying the person who made the ransom demand never mentioned cocaine.

The arrest warrant for Constance Long, who also has been charged with felony murder, says Morrisey, 20, was held inside the apartment in 58th Street. The victim, his hands bound, was placed inside a closet and guarded by Constance Long, the warrant says.

The alleged kidnappers learned that police knew about it, authorities said. Morrisey, the warrant said, was led down a path behind the housing project and shot.

Police named Douglas and Long as suspects within a week of the killing. Salters, of the 600 block of Morton Street NW, was added to the list yesterday. Police are asking anyone with information to call the crime solvers unit at 393-2222. All calls will be kept confidential.