Town of Leesburg

The following were among actions taken at the July 25 meeting of the Leesburg Town Council. For more information, call 777-2420.

FIRE STATION SITE -- The council postponed until Sept. 26 a public hearing on where to locate a second Leesburg fire station. The hearing had been scheduled for next Wednesday.

The council voted, 5 to 2, to postpone the hearing at the request of the Leesburg Volunteer Fire Company, which said it needed more time to review proposed sites and prepare a presentation for the council. But the council also decided to postpone the hearing because one proposed site is in a subdivision that the council has not yet agreed to rezone.

Fire officials say the town's growing population can no longer be served adequately by a single fire station. Leesburg's only fire station is located near the end of West Loudoun Street.

The fire company had sought to build a second station in the Exeter subdivision in northeast Leesburg, where a proposed 10-acre site is designated for public use. But residents of that area have objected to the proposal, saying they do not want speeding fire engines on their streets. The town's Planning Commission has supported the residents by recommending against siting a fire station in Exeter.

The council received an offer from the developer of the proposed Edwards Landing subdivision, which would be built north of Edwards Ferry Road and east of the Route 15 bypass, to put the fire station there. The council plans to vote next Wednesday on whether to rezone the development from residential to planned housing development, pending a Circuit Court ruling that would transfer 32 acres of the proposed development from the county to the town. The fire company has said it wants some time to consider the Edwards Landing location.

KENNEL EXPANSION -- The council unanimously approved a request by Old Mill Boarding Kennels, at 91 Lawson Rd., to expand the kennel and build a veterinary hospital.

The kennel will be required to restrict the veterinary hospital to 2,500 square feet and to make the building fully soundproof. Animals will be permitted in outdoor fenced pens and runs only between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. Town of Lovettsville

The following were among actions taken at the July 26 meeting of the Lovettsville Town Council. For more information, call 822-5788.

HAMMOND TRACT -- The council postponed to Aug. 9 a vote on a rezoning that would allow a group of developers to build the town's first shopping center and 81 houses in the center of town. The vote had been scheduled for last Thursday but was postponed to allow the developers to present their most recent proposal in written form. The council wants the proposal at least five days before voting.

The proposal for Stations at Lovettsville, as the development would be called, has been before the council for about 18 months. It calls for 80,000 square feet of commercial space, 55 town houses and 26 single-family homes on 26 acres at the intersection of Broadway Street and Berlin Pike.

The proposal has proved to be one of the most controversial issues in the town's recent history. Many residents are opposed to it, saying the town neither needs nor wants 80,000 square feet of commercial space. The developers have been working with the council, town planners and planning consultant Marc Weiss on ways to make the development more acceptable to council members and residents.

APPOINTMENTS -- The council appointed the following town residents to its Planning Commission: Mary Jean Hartman, Barbara Simpson, Rodney Robinson, Judith Kearse, Marsha Keim and Brad Kearse. It also appointed Brenda Gillam and Ron Price to the Board of Zoning Appeals.