It is interesting that we have to resort to percentages in assigning teachers {"Teacher Balance in Prince George's," Metro, July 22} so as to achieve a "balance." As a parent I am more interested in a teacher who knows how to teach, regardless of whether he is green, black or piebald.

I would hope that my children's teachers are more intelligent and wiser than their students. I want a teacher who is not right out of some educational diploma mill or someone who couldn't hack a real major and ended up in education. We keep playing our little "balancing" games, and we are going to balance ourselves right into mediocrity. We compare our students with their foreign counterparts -- why don't we compare our teachers? The results might be interesting.

In short, I want teachers like I had. Most of them stand head and shoulders above the current crop of ill-prepared and poorly qualified "teenagers." A little more interest in the quality of teachers as opposed to their sex, color, religion, political leanings, etc., and a little less interest in class size would have a salutary effect.

Why not give students a break and assign teachers based on the level of ability of the classes they teach? In other words have gifted and talented teachers for gifted and talented students and pay them accordingly, not some standard union wage.

R. D. BUSH Columbia