An Alexandria roofer charged with raping and trying to kill a Roanoke woman was released from jail on reduced bond yesterday after authorities determined they may have arrested the wrong man.

"This case may very well be one that's dismissed by the commonwealth before preliminary hearing," Substitute Judge Jon Apgar said in reducing Kenneth Edward Bailey's bond from $900,000 to $1,000.

A 26-year-old Franklin County man who resembles Bailey confessed to the Roanoke rape after he was charged Friday with raping a Franklin County woman, authorities said.

Bailey, 30, said that he should write a book and title it, "I've Never Been to Roanoke." That is what he has told police officers and others "at least 1,000 times" since his arrest last month for allegedly abducting a woman on the Blue Ridge Parkway on July 9.

Two victims who had been sexually assaulted recently on the parkway positively identified Bailey in photographs. The car used in both assaults came back as registered to Kenneth Bailey and listed his birthday on the registration. A Roanoke County police officer identified Bailey as the man driving that car in February when he was stopped in the county and charged with driving on a suspended operator's license.

The Franklin County man had been using the name of his dead uncle, Kenneth Bailey.