Charges were dropped yesterday against two teenagers who police alleged were part of a group of up to 20 youths who roamed Route 236 in Fairfax County one night attacking people.

The cases of three other youths also charged with malicious wounding were sent to a grand jury after a preliminary hearing in Fairfax General District Court.

Charges against Jason Tenburg, 18, of Lindsay Street in Fairfax, and Paul F. Worosz, 18, of King Solomon Drive in Annandale, were dropped.

The cases of Robert T. Brown Jr., 18, Jonathan W. Kane, 18, and Gregory M. Allen, 18, charged in addition with two counts of robbery, were sent to the grand jury by Judge Barbara L. Kimbel.

The malicious wounding charges were amended by Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Brett A. Kassabian, who asked that the words "by mob" be stricken. Kassabian said later that it would have been difficult to prove the group acted as a mob.

Kassabian said the charges were dropped against Tenburg and Worocz because "we didn't have admissible evidence to implicate them in this case." Kassabian said the two had been implicated by other defendants who are now unwilling to testify against them.

"It wasn't Central Park revisted," said Allen's attorney, Michael S. Arif, referring to an attack on a New York City jogger by a group of youths. "If you take all the acts, you have two kids punch a guy and another kick the guy. The kids were all doing stupid . . . things."

The Fairfax case drew wide attention after police reported that the group assaulted as many as five persons in an evening of violence July 17 along Route 236. The incident drew further interest after a local newspaper called the group a gang.

Police reported that the five attacks occurred within two hours, beginning when an Alexandria woman was struck on the head with a baseball bat. Police later said that incident was unrelated.

Some of the youths involved have said they were headed to a party when a few members of the group turned violent.

Yesterday's hearing focused on the beating of a 30-year-old man who was walking past a fast-food restaurant on Route 236 that night.

Jose Ordenez, speaking through an interpreter, testified that he was walking with his brother when a man stepped into his path.

"I was coming out when this {man} came up and stopped next to me and there were other people around," he said. "I was passing there and they started hitting me. They just started hitting me and hitting me and I was on the ground and my brother helped me out."

Ordenez said he was beaten into unconsciousness and $6 was taken out of his pocket.

Prosecutor Kassabian asked Ordenez whether he could identify anyone in the courtroom who beat him. He pointed at Kane, but then said he was not sure.

There was a ripple through the courtroom and Kane's mother began to cry.

Fairfax Police Investigator G.W. Farrell testified that when Kane was arrested, he said he saw Allen yelling at a man and he ran to the man, hitting him on the right side of his face.

Investigator Richard A. Sexton testified that Brown told him he kicked Ordenez twice and chased Ordenez' brother.

Investigator Samuel J. Perry testified that Allen told him after his arrest that he hit Ordenez because "he felt Mr. Ordenez said something to him. He said Mr. Ordenez fell down and said other people with {Allen} came over and started beating him and he took his wallet."